Obama Seeks “Flexibility” in UN Drug Prohibition Regime

With two U.S. states having already nullified United Nations agreements and federal statutes purporting to prohibit drugs across the globe, the Obama administration and other governments — s...

Nelson Bunker Hunt, R.I.P.: The Myth of the Hunt Brothers' "Scheme to Corner the Silver Market”

Contrary to popular myth, the legendary Texas oil and silver tycoon did not try to “corner” the silver market; he and his brother were the main victims, not the perpetrators, in one of the b...

D.C. Accused of Backdoor Gun Control

Critics assert that the new concealed carry gun laws in the District of Columbia amount to nothing more than backdoor gun control. According to the new requirements, gun owners seeking permi...

Sen. Coburn’s Final 2014 Wastebook Is Funny, Sad, and Outrageous

The $25 billion in wasted taxpayer dollars uncovered annually by Senator Coburn in his Wastebook is likely only the tip of the iceberg.



Obama White House Evasive on Immigration Policy Plans

Obama White House Evasive on Immigration Policy Plans

As we reported on October 20, the notice posted recentl...


Obama Seeks “Flexibility” in UN Drug Prohibition Regime

Obama Seeks “Flexibility” in UN Drug Prohibition Regime

With two U.S. states having already nullified United Na...


Safety Records Show Pipelines Best Method for Transporting Oil

Safety Records Show Pipelines Best Method for Transporting Oil

The delay in approving the final leg of the Keystone XL...

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Who Will Control Your Internet?

Who Will Control Your Internet?

Against the will of the U.S. Congress, the Obama admini...



Are Women Finally Trading Uncle Sam for Big Daddy?

Women are trending Republican this election cycle, but...

Stop Legalizing Same-sex Marriage!

In just a few years, the nation has gone from a strict...

Even Obama's Own Party Flees the President

A front-page story in last Friday’s Wall Street Jo...

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There are economists, most notably Nobel Prize-winning...