Feds Investigating Cecil the Lion’s Killer — but Planned Parenthood Still in Clear

Walter Palmer the hunter is now the hunted, with the feds now launching an investigation into the Minnesota dentist. Yet Planned Parenthood, revealed on video to have been selling the body p...

President Obama Unveils “Clean Power Plan” to “Combat Climate Change”

During a press event in the East Room of the White House on August 3, President Obama unveiled a major climate change plan. The “Clean Power Plan” is the final version of regulations establi...

Iran Nuclear Deal: Betrayal, Deception, and False Alternatives — Again

The Iran nuclear deal is a scheme that was brokered by the UN, the European Union, Iran, the Obama administration — and most importantly of all, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the p...

Senate Fails to Pass Legislation to Defund Planned Parenthood

During a procedural vote on Monday evening, Senate Republicans failed to pass legislation that would have barred all federal funds to Planned Parenthood.




UN: Jail Parents Who Spank Their Children

UN: Jail Parents Who Spank Their Children

Under the guise of advancing what the United Nations ch...


Chinese Plunge Protection Team Failing to Stem Stock Market Declines

Chinese Plunge Protection Team Failing to Stem Stock Market Declines

Individual investors in China's stock markets are canno...

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Obama Pentagon Flogs Discredited Climate Fears — Again

Obama Pentagon Flogs Discredited Climate Fears — Again

The Obama Defense Department is at it again, ratcheting...


The Sexual-heresy Agenda: Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance That Isn’t

The Sexual-heresy Agenda: Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance That Isn’t

So-called “LGBT” activists are citing a certain politic...


Ted Cruz Calls Mitch McConnell a Liar

Forget about the fireworks on the campaign trail. This...

Cure for Racial Dishonesty

There have been several notable cases of racial fakery....

The Fact-free Left: Part II

The political left's great claim to authenticity and ho...

Could Hillary Clinton Withdraw From the Race?

Last week was a bad week for the Democratic front-runne...