Selwyn Duke

In amending the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Indiana Republicans possibly were trying to do their best impression of a cheap tent. But there perhaps hasn’t been such a quick folding since the collapse of the Maginot Line.

Not surprisingly, banishing the Devil is not something that is welcomed by government schools.

How do you know you're hung up on race? When you see "racism" even in 18-month-olds, it could be a clue.

In what could be a death knell to his presidential campaign, Governor Scott Walker flip-flopped once again on amnesty, saying he supported it shortly after claiming he was against it.

Worse than the fact that powerful child molesters were embedded deep within the British government is that they were protected by that government.


Children of same-sex couples, just like children of divorced couples, are speaking up about how their parents actions have hurt them. It's a message homosexuality activists don't want to hear.

Environmentalist Dr. Patrick Moore explains why he's a climate-change realist, and why you should stop worrying and learn to love CO2.

A gun store opened in liberal New York City — but it turns out that those behind it were no friends of the Second Amendment.

No displaying the American flag in school on "Mexicans' day," said school officials. Their decision has been affirmed by an appeals court. Now the Supreme Court may decide if Americanism can be disallowed in America.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder have blood on their hands because they've incited racial hatred and violence. So says black leader Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson.

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