Selwyn Duke

The treatment is called Miracle Mineral Solution, and one couple that bought it learned that a miracle is necessary today — to keep the government out of your life.

Scared into censorship: A news outlet suddenly cut the video feed of a journalist complaining about the media’s refusal to show the recent Charlie Hebdo cover — because the journalist showed the Charlie Hebdo cover.


A former FBI special agent has penned a damning open letter to Eric Holder in which he states to the attorney general, you "have sacrificed your integrity on the altar of political expediency" and have poor "personal character and [a] lack of professional judgment."

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 09:50

PEGIDA, Le Pen, Fascism, and Media Ignorance

When the media don't even understand basic political terminology, it raises a question: How can the electorate be informed when the purveyors of information are uninformed themselves?

The immigration model balkanizing the West was designed, as a leftist admitted in 2009, “to rub the Right's nose in diversity.” But the recent Muslim-jihadist attack in Paris is waking people up and and causing them to rub back — and the result may, ultimately, be bloody noses all the way around.

“My body, my choice!” may be a well-known rallying cry, but, increasingly, outside the realm of abortion it goes out the window. And the latest attack on this front involves a 17-year-old Connecticut teen told that she will undergo chemotherapy — whether she likes it or not.

There is a huge problem with “religion.” But it’s not what you think.

The Atlanta government may not yet be burning books, but they sure burned a man who wrote one. The Georgia city’s mayor, Kasim Reed, announced Tuesday that he had terminated Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran — for expressing Christian beliefs in a self-published book.

Was "the talk" that New York City mayor Bill de Blasio gave his black son the right one? Because, contrary to media myth, a scientific study indicates that police are actually less likely to shoot black suspects.

White is right in activists’ book. That is, the right color to ignore when it comes to stories of people shot by police.