Selwyn Duke

That “white masculinity is THE problem for America’s colleges” wasn't the only anti-white comment made by Boston University professor Saida Grundy. Despite this, the school defended her, saying that she was merely exercising “free speech.”

Portending dire political changes, the number of Christians has declined precipitously in the United States during just the last seven years, while atheists have almost doubled their share of the population.

When "artists" immersed a crucifix in a glass of urine or smeared a Virgin Mary picture with feces, we were told that creating sacrilegious images was "brave." But that wasn’t quite the response to pundit Pamela Geller’s Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, was it?

Plumbing the politically correct depths to explain why black and Hispanic students lag behind whites academically, a leftist education group is teaching that minorities shouldn't be subject to "white values" such as punctuality, industriousness, and proper classroom behavior.

Prejudice is rife in America today and is exemplified by the Freddie Gray/Baltimore affair. But that prejudice is not what you think.

While Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake infamously has said “We don’t have thugs in Baltimore,” they certainly did have at least one: Freddie Gray.

The Supreme Court may be acting as if marriage is a thing of clay in its hands, but the truth is that marriage is not the business of courts. 

Calling the illegals invited into our nation "undocumented Democrats" may be a joke, but the reality is that the plan to fast-track them to voter status is already underway. 

Leftist candidate for U.K. prime minister Ed Miliband has promised Muslims that he will make anti-Islamic offensiveness an "aggravated offense."

Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake seems to have a unique (one would hope) method for dealing with rioters: Let them destroy property.

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