Selwyn Duke

Cloaked in a disguise, the government official carried a concealed camera. He apparently wanted to know if the group he was investigating was engaging in worship.

Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion, now wants to "save" children from what he sees as their parents' religious delusions.

In the continuing attempt to undermine traditonal morality and encourage sexual experimentation among youth, a TV show is now portraying a "romantic" same-sex relationship between children not far removed from puberty.

Why do liberals such as Bill Nye judge situations and people so wrongly? It’s because they deny the existence of Truth — the only thing that can reveal your emotions as wrong — and thus have deified their emotions, making them the ultimate arbiters of reality. And anyone governed by emotion, that irrational judge, will always fall sway to prejudice.

According to a report, administration officials admitted in a phone call — not meant for citizens' ears — that the goal of amnesty is to seed the nation with foreigners and change its character forever.

The "gender" agenda has reached the depths of self-caricature, with Facebook concluding that more than one billion users shouldn't be restricted to only 58 "genders." Has self-image become reality?

Contradicting the doctrinaire homosexual narrative, a lesbian commentator says that being "gay" is a choice — one she sincerely hopes her young daughter makes.

To many people — including the governor of Wisconsin, apparently — Barack Obama's faith is as much of a mystery as his college transcripts.

In a secretly recorded video, Eric Garner's daugher and other black activists admit that what Al Sharpton really seems to care about is enriching himself.

"You're entitled to your own opinions, but you're not entitled to your own facts," said liberal icon Daniel Patrick Moynihan. The media should remember this when reporting on Rudy Giuliani's statement that Barack Obama has been influenced by communists.

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