Selwyn Duke

Barack Obama's claim that Islam was instrumental in early America's formation is misinformation.

In the wake of advocating a counter-terrorism plan mercilessly mocked by critics as a jobs-for-jihadists program, State Department spokesman Marie Harf has provided more comedic-commentary gold.

Friday, 20 February 2015 15:30

Modern Crusaders Fighting ISIS

Following in the footsteps of the medieval crusaders — who defended Christendom from Islamic invasion — some modern crusaders have been heading to the mideast to fight the dreaded ISIS.

If a chief executive will not oppose federal tyranny while the head of a state government, why should we think he’d oppose federal tyranny once head of the federal government?

The Obama administration idea that opportunity and jobs will forestall jihad is not new, but merely a repackaged Marxist notion.

Are women being sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism? In Sweden the answer may be yes, as rape by Muslim men is covered up by the government and media.

Some scientists want to send messages into space in the hope of piquing alien interest. But might it attract the kind of attention no civilization wants?

Expressing a fashionable modern view, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo scoffed at rights' divine origin. But can this be considered an American view? And why did our Founders stress rights' divine origin?

The University of Michigan is ratcheting up the political correctness on campus with a new speech code. But is controlling speech based on sensitivity sensitive at all? Or is it the path to tyranny?

A radical atheist killed three Muslims in North Carolina. Now authorities are wondering if the act was a hate crime. But should such a designation even exist?

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