Selwyn Duke

While George Orwell once said, “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them,” even he might be surprised at what passes for scholarship at today’s American colleges.



Police officers seize firearms and ammo from a man who was guilty of nothing but getting into a loud argument — and now they refuse to return his property.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo threatened to sue Fox News for reporting on her city's Muslim-dominated "no-go zones." But if litigation is her wont, she ought to start with the periodical that practically started the no-go-zone story: the New York Times.

Government officials in Britain may ask a school's students what Muslims and lesbians are. And watch out if they don't get the "right" answers — because it could mean that school will be shut down.

There's a good Mississippi doctor who will see you no matter who you are, where you are, or how much money you have — and his state’s medical board wants to see him gone.

An all-female university panel of professors and activists has an idea for combating "sexism" and "racism": Make sure that women and blacks speak first in classroom discussions.

Call it athletics Marxism: In line with the growing trend toward "no-score" sports, a high-school girls’ basketball coach has just been suspended for achieving a resounding victory.

The treatment is called Miracle Mineral Solution, and one couple that bought it learned that a miracle is necessary today — to keep the government out of your life.

Scared into censorship: A news outlet suddenly cut the video feed of a journalist complaining about the media’s refusal to show the recent Charlie Hebdo cover — because the journalist showed the Charlie Hebdo cover.


A former FBI special agent has penned a damning open letter to Eric Holder in which he states to the attorney general, you "have sacrificed your integrity on the altar of political expediency" and have poor "personal character and [a] lack of professional judgment."

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