Selwyn Duke

What do you get when you statutorily rape teenage boys? If you’re “homosexual rights activist” Harvey Milk, the answer is a U.S. Navy ship named in your honor.

Some activists in the “City of Brotherly Love” clearly have a very narrow view of who their brothers are, as they ordered white supporters and media to the back of the crowd at a Tuesday demonstration approximately four miles from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Play Misty for me? This could appear the message of the Utah and Colorado Democrat voters who just scored historical firsts invnominating“transgender” candidates for congressional seats. And if that isn’t strange enough, both politicians are named Misty.

Westerners are disappearing, plagued by fertility rates that, unless something changes, will send them the way of the dinosaurs. Despite this, the anti-motherhood agenda marches on, with the latest example being a “regretting motherhood” debate raging in Germany. 

It's now clear that Donald Trump's proposed moratorium on Muslim immigration is a mainstream idea in the United States, with polls showing that Americans have come to favor such a temporary ban. 

"A Muslim doesn’t record another Muslim," said Gamal Abdel-Hafiz. This might not have been noteworthy except that Abdel-Hafiz was an FBI agent at the time and was refusing to do his duty, which at that moment involved taping a Muslim suspect.

Upon hearing about a military veteran hauled away by soldiers for mentioning God, you might expect the story to be out of China. The incident in question today, however, is all the more outrageous because it occurred right here in the USA.

It was what the mainstream media wanted to report: a study purporting to show that conservatives are more likely than liberals to exhibit authoritarian traits and “psychoticism. The problem? The study actually showed precisely the opposite.

In Orlando's wake, a mainstream-media reporter fires double-barreled deception at the AR-15 and a hapless gun-shop owner. 

Even if you accept the legitimacy of “transgender” status, here’s what must be understood: Psychologists and transgender activists do not say “sex” and “gender” are synonymous.

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