Selwyn Duke

In Orlando's wake, a mainstream-media reporter fires double-barreled deception at the AR-15 and a hapless gun-shop owner. 

Even if you accept the legitimacy of “transgender” status, here’s what must be understood: Psychologists and transgender activists do not say “sex” and “gender” are synonymous.

In another example of how Christians need not apply in today's America, a loyal Christian worker in New York was fired after voicing opposition to faux marriage. 

“Sorry, you don’t get a spot in the finals of the girls’ race, young lady — the boy gets that." Welcome to the Brave New World of bold faux girls.



“You fundamentally can't change sex.... Transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists,” said former “transsexual” Alan Finch in 2004. This is a truth; however, it has not stopped the advocates of an invented status from trying to change society.

It's a perfect metaphor for modern times: a miracle of the most advanced technology celebrated with a presentation of the most primitive morality. Welcome to the post-Christian, neo-pagan West.

Muhammad Ali was a master of self-promotion and ring craft, but his actions outside the ring left much to be desired. 

A Louisiana proposal to teach schoolchildren a passage from the Declaration of Independence was shelved after a Democrat legislator implied the document was "racist" and called some of its words a "lie."

It’s as if we live in The Planet of the Apes, with the overwrought reaction to the recent killing of Harambe the gorilla. The only thing missing is Dr. Zaius complaining about how man is a “warlike creature who gives battle to everything around him.”

“You can’t legislate morality!” is a common battle cry today. It’s thought to be a quintessentially American idea, even though the Founding Fathers never expressed such a sentiment.

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