Selwyn Duke

There are more and more indications that our government considers "right-wingers" more of a threat than Muslim jihadists. And the recent experiences of an anti-jihadism crusader punctuate this point.

A number of former Facebook employees have admitted they regularly censored conservative news, denying it placement in the site’s “Trending Topics” section regardless of its popularity. 

Move over Barack Obama. There’s a new kid on the block in the realm of “firsts”: Sadiq Khan, Labour Party politician, has just become the first Muslim mayor of a Western capital, having won London’s May 5 election. 

Is Nazism the equivalent of libertarianism? Is conservatism morally equal to communism? Next question: Is saying all faiths are morally equal really any different from saying all ideologies are so?

It was an image of a stick figure being hanged, accompanied by the slur “Nig***!” and the hashtag #WhitePower. And the police were poised to file hate-crime charges — until...




Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally” transform America, and this often starts with transforming the language. And the transformation continues apace.

“Inequality is the root of all evil,” said left-wing senator Barbara Boxer recently.

The statute of limitations is up on former House Speaker Dennis Hastert's criminal child sexual abuse. But what of the child sexual abuse that, even when committed today, cannot be prosecuted?  

A former British “equality” minister recently admitted that multiculturalism has “failed,” but this hasn’t stopped a major U.K. city from refusing to commemorate an important English holiday in the name of that increasingly discredited ism.

Sports network ESPN from firied game analyst Curt Schilling for speaking out against allowing men to use women's restrooms. 

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