Selwyn Duke

The future of conservatism or future embarrassment? When you blow up a child political prodigy into the reincarnation of Reagan, don’t be surprised when matters blow up in your face.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015 16:00

Hillary Clinton Said Profiling Muslims is Okay

Would the 2001 Hillary Clinton vote for the 2015 Donald Trump? Some could ask, given that the post-9/11 Clinton almost sounded more like Trump than like the 2015 Clinton.

Forget the Redskins. Bureaucrats at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office may now be red-faced — as a court just ruled that the government may not deny trademark protection based on the notion that a mark is “disparaging.”

Wednesday, 23 December 2015 00:00

Obama Tries to Trump Trump with “Race Card”

Barack Obama may accuse Donald Trump of exploiting race and resentment, but when it comes to creating racial resentment, the president is in a class all by himself.

In a striking example of cultural imperialism, the Barack Obama administration has spent $700 million promoting homosexuality overseas — and has nothing to show for it except more anti-homosexuality laws and ill will.

We’ve been told they’re fleeing war. But some Muslim migrants entering Europe are apparently bringing war — a war for the hearts and minds of Westerners.

We've heard of students getting suspended for drawing a picture of a gun. Now the same paranoid mentality is being applied to a university president.

They say “Politics makes strange bedfellows,” and none stranger than a Texas imam who is siding with Donald Trump — on the presidential candidate’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslim immigration into the United States.


Donald Trump has been condemned by British officials for saying that Islamized areas exist in London. But now some U.K. police officers have come forward with a startling admission: Trump is right.


For a long time Americans have been under the rule of lawyers, with the belief that whatever five unelected judges on the Supreme Court say must go for 320 million citizens. But presidential candidate Ted Cruz has now challenged this status quo.