Bob Adelmann

More government "oversight" is the last thing Puerto Rico needs, but that's what it is getting to aid its financial woes. What it needs instead is less government, not more. 

The good news following Brexit includes the angst being felt by the insiders as they see their plans exposed and threatened.

Even in its present makeup the Supreme Court has a strong anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment bias.

These two are not just one-off examples of political corruption, but instead represent the debased culture that returns them and their cohorts to office year after year.

An Obama-appointed federal judge has ruled that the Bureau of Land Management overreached its authority when it issued rules on fracking.

The quid pro quo arrangement between the NRA and the far-left senator from Nevada Harry Reid is no more.

The media reported that the sit-in had something to do with legislation to curb terrorist violence. The media got it wrong.

Some people never learn, or else they don't care. Put Maine's Republican Senator Susan Collins into either category when it comes to gun control.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor's dissent in the Utah v. Strieff, Jr. drug search case made headlines in the liberal media as it supported the Black Lives Matter meme of indiscriminate police stops of people of color.

Two pieces of legislation are being offered in the U.S. Senate to curtail the ability to buy a gun: One infringes on rights a little, the other a lot. 

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