Bob Adelmann

The Federalist Society has launched the Article I Project to restore the balance of powers provided for by the Founders in Article I of the U.S. Constitution.

With high levels of inflation and general economic malaise affecting Venezuala, some experts say the country has passed "the point of no return."

If support for ethanol subsidies is waning in Iowa, of all places, does that spell the end of them altogether?

When something is free, demand for it is unlimited. But there's always a day of reckoning, as Puerto Ricans are finding out.

Dependency upon a government that is in turn dependent upon oil may be Iraq's undoing.

John Kildruff, the founder of energy trading company Again Capital, predicts oil will reach as low as $18 a barrel. If his prediction comes to pass, it will continue to upend the world's energy equation.

Friday, 29 January 2016 12:07

Robots Are Taking Over Agriculture

Technology will soon allow a single factory to produce more than 30,000 heads of lettuce every day, using 98 percent less water, 30 percent less energy, and 50 percent fewer humans.

One less criminal for the Colorado justice system to worry about. The homeowner will likely be charged with a lesser crime instead of first-degree murder. 

No surprises here. When taxes, regulations and spending are all cut, the free market can breathe again. 

A Pew study on Americans' satisfaction with the federal government strongly suggest that the larger government gets, the more people distrust it. 

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