Bob Adelmann

Friday, 17 April 2015 13:10

House Votes to Repeal Federal Estate Tax

The House's vote to repeal the estate tax appears to be a purely political move to serve during the 2016 election campaigns. A more serious conversation about repeal may take place in 2017.

Former Governor Jeb Bush's insider connections confirm his politics.

Thursday, 16 April 2015 11:00

Hillary’s Iowa Visit Was Staged

Presidential contender Hillary Clinton, who is driving across the United States ostensibly to talk to Americans and learn their concerns, was caught staging at least one of the meet-and-greets. 

Less than two weeks after being indicted on bribery charges along with his friend, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, North Palm Beach ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen was charged on Tuesday with 46 counts of healthcare fraud, 19 counts of filing false claims to Medicare, and 11 counts of making false statements to investigators.

For some, the 2016 presidential election is over: Hillary will win in a walk. But other experts are predicting the race could be a lot closer.



Senator Marco Rubio is counting on his conservative record, his rhetoric, and some luck, to find himself face to face with Hillary Clinton at the late stages of the 2016 campaign.


Hillary Clinton says that she is simply a grandmother who wants America's grandchildren to have an opportunity to succeed, but missing from her proclamation is how, as a defense attorney, she treated a sixth-grader back in 1975 who was repeatedly raped by a 41-year-old drifter.



Obama's desire to "normalize" relations with Cuba has given Raul Castro, Cuba's leader, the opportunity to lay down his conditions for that normalization.

The increasing number of guns being purchased by Americans confirms the sea-change in attitude toward guns that has taken place during the Obama administration.

If Walmart’s appeal of a court's November ruling fails, it'd be a victory for anti-gunners who want to remove guns from Walmart's shelves.

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