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A Hillary Clinton delegate from California told an undercover journalist from Project Veritas that there is no doubt that Clinton intends to confiscate all guns from Americans by lying to Americans.

The IRS knows it would lose in court, but its threat against free speech remains. This results in the self-censoring of political speech that its proponents wanted all along.

Last week the Justice Department charged a Miami-area healthcare operator, a hospital administrator, and a physician’s assistant with conspiracy for submitting fraudulent bills to Medicare and Medicaid exceeding $1 billion.

As chances continue to improve that Hillary Clinton will name Virginia Democrat Senator Tim Kaine as her vice-presidential running mate later this afternoon, a closer look at the affable, non-controversial socialist reveals a man not likely to interfere with the Clinton presidency if she wins in November.

In response to the attack on the Pulse LGBT club, the Massachusetts attorney general issued a directive banning the manufacture and sale of all "assault weapons" in her state.

California’s pension plans are reporting dismal results, and the fund is now about $100 billion short of meeting its future obligations.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke puts words to the unspoken frustration Americans have about the damage being done by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and its enablers.

Anti-gun police union leader demands the end of open carry in Ohio, and is appropriately rebuffed by governor John Kasich.

Monday, 18 July 2016 09:17

ACLU Preparing to Sue Trump If He Wins

The ACLU is preparing to do battle if 1) Trump wins in November, and 2) tries to implement his proposals.

The latest Congressional Budget Office report is grim, and offers no solutions to the burgeoning national debt crisis.

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