Bob Adelmann

Friday, 19 December 2014 17:30

New York Governor Cuomo Bans Fracking

A consummate politician, all New York State Governor Cuomo needed was an excuse to ban fracking.

The release of Alan Gross, which was praised by the New York Times as a humanitarian move by the communist regime in Cuba, was cover for the real spy swap the Cubans had been seeking for years. 

A new poll from Benson Strategy Group confirms not only that most Americans don’t want an increase in their gasoline taxes but that they’re afraid Congress will enact one anyway.

Out-of-control government spending continues, unimpeded by Republicans who helped Democrats to pass the cromnibus spending bill.

In the cold and fog in Olympia on Saturday, thousands gathered to protest Washington State's Initiative 594's restrictions on gun ownership.

The Fed-fueled junk bond market bubble supporting the energy sector is bursting.

The omnibus bill passed only with the help of Obama, liberal Democrats, and mainline Republicans with poor memories about promises they made to their constituents.

The latest poll from Pew confirms the lack of traction anti-gunners are getting in their attack on the Second Amendment.

By simply defending her rights, Dollree Mapp altered jurisprudence in the United States and made it a requirement that local and state police use search warrants.

The New Republic isn't going away. It's being reenergized by a liberal who got wealthy working for Facebook.

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