Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 could be a cautionary tale of what could happen if the Constitution is opened to a contemporary con-con.

A new book by John Tammy examines the effect on the U.S. economy that would come from closing the Federal Reserve.

An amendment to be offered by Senator Rand Paul would prevent the president from prosecuting foreign combat missions without the authorization of Congress.

A bill passed by the Hawaii state legislature would add the names and addresses of gun owners to a federal registry.

The Illinois state legislature unanimously passed a ban on the unwarranted use of Stingray surveillance.

Hillary Clinton's ties to Goldman Sachs extend well beyond her still-secret speeches.

Canadian members of Parliament are concerned about the potential subjection of their citizens' private banking data to the U.S.'s PATRIOT Act surveillance.

A spokesman for the Clinton campaign says the candidate supports background checks on ammunition purchases.

Should presidential advisor Ben Rhodes be brought before Congress to answer for his apparent admission of lying to lawmakers about Iran?

Drones on loan from a handful of agencies can now be flown nationwide.

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