Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

The Department of Homeland Security, the IRS, and debt collectors are fighting to expand the use of license plate tracking devices.

Senator Tom Cotton met with MEK, a radical Marxist Muslim group, to discuss the proposed Iran agreement.

The NRA is accusing North Carolina sheriffs of infringing on the Second Amendment, while it supports federal firearm regulations.

Liberty-minded Americans familiar with the voting records of Representative Justin Amash (R-Mich.) and Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) likely were not surprised when Amash officially endorsed Paul for president on Monday. In The New American's "Freedom Index," a congressional scorecard that rates all members of the House and Senate based on the U.S. Constitution, Paul's cumulative rating is 93 percent as of the end of 2014, and Amash's rating is just one-percent different — 94 percent.

A pair of nullification bills proposed in Texas would prohibit state or local enforcement of federal gun laws within the state.

The craving for combat by U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) contradicts the counsel fo the Founders.

The BBC reports on several state efforts to shut down NSA facilities.

U.S. representatives from Utah have formed a group to give power over land back to the states.

The wording of an immigration test is the latest example of the Obama administration's aim to reduce the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment.

An article published by Ron Paul's Voices of Liberty asks what modern liberals have to do with the classical concept.

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