Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

The latest update to the Common Core education standards mandates that students may “answer mathematics problems by responding with whatever their feelings are telling them at the time.”

In an op-ed, President Obama declared that "we cannot tolerate a politically motivated, willfully negligent vacancy on the Supreme Court,"

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are all included in the surveillance sweep, and all the updates posted to any one of these popular services will be uploaded to one single database available all day, every day to police.

At the vice-presidential debates, both candidates committed their tickets to using the U.S. military to "protect" the world.

Forsyth County, Georgia, rejected grant money from HUD, refusing to pursue the feds' sustainability program.

Judicial decisions of the federal case with Microsoft reveal that federal agents can seize and search every e-mail of every American without the slightest due process.

A group of Mexican senators have joined an effort to get Mexicans to the polls to influence the U.S. presidential elections in November.

Documents released by WikiLeaks indicate that Hillary Clinton called for a drone strike to kill Julian Assange.

A recent report says that mispronouncing a name is a micro-aggression and a form of bigotry.

The United Nations is pushing a plan calling for the control of financial resources in the United States in order to establish racial equality.

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