Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

In an op-ed article published in the New York Times, Peter Wehner blamed the Paris attacks on a lack of U.S. military intervention in Syria.

Paul Ryan reneged on his promise to fix the broken system of bill consideration in the House of Representatives.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey blames Edward Snowden for the Paris attacks, recommending he should be executed as a traitor.

The Assembly of State Legislatures met in Salt Lake City to draft rules for an Article V convention, and changed the Article V text.

With respect to the difficult and potentially dangerous position in which Arizona Governor Ducey and the other 30 or so state executives find themselves, one wonders where in the Constitution states are required to ask the federal government’s permission to exercise a power they specifically retain under the Bill of Rights, namely the power to grant or refuse permission for entry into their sovereign territory to an immigrant, no matter what label that immigrant is given by the federal government.

A federal judge recently ruled a county's Nativity display to be unconstitutional. A study of the history of the Bill of Rights proves otherwise.

On November 16, 1798, Governor James Garrard of Kentucky signed into law the Kentucky Resolution of 1798, Thomas Jefferson's seminal restatement of the proper relationship between states and the federal government.

Senator Rand Paul sent a letter to the inspector general asking him to investigate the lobbying efforts of the Federal Reserve.

A video of Senator Rand Paul speaking against the bipartisan budget deal was posted by Senator Mike Lee and went viral.

A San Francisco Bay Area agency has banned wood-burning stoves in new homes.

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