Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

A change to a federal rule went into effect on December 1, giving the FBI power to hack into the private computers of millions of Americans.

A new ATF form denies legal drug users the right to buy a firearm from federal licensees.

After Donald Trump announced he would nominate Michigan education activist Betsy DeVos to be his secretary of education, Randi Weingarten, president of American Federation of Teachers, writes to warn Americans that such a move threatens the “collective promise” made by all of us to “take and teach every child seeking an education.”

A nullification bill submitted in the Michigan state House of Representatives would nullify any presidential edict, including executive orders and policy directives.

A bill filed in Texas for 2017 would restore the right of citizens of that state to carry a weapon without permission of the government.

The Seattle Police Department is set to deploy police body cameras that were bought with a $600,000 grant from the federal Department of Homeland Security.

Yes California, a group of residents of the west coast state, has filed a petition for California to secede from the United States following Donald Trump's victory.

The Obama administration has set a record by publishing 527 pages of federal regulations in one day.

A new bill prefiled in the Texas state legislature would prevent state resources from being used to carry out federal gun control efforts.

A group of professors and students at the University of Virginia have published a letter criticizing the school's president for quoting Thomas Jefferson.

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