Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

Councilmen from Spokane Valley, Washington, are seeking to create a Second Amendment sanctuary in their city.

The Lebanon, Tennessee, police department is using automatic license plate readers to track drivers in the county and the data is sent to the federal DHS.

Albuquerque police are ignoring laws against civil asset forfeiture and continuing to abuse authority and steal property from residents.

Senator Lindsey Graham is promising to oppose the funding of the federal government if the Export-Import Bank is not funded.

A Nashville city ordinance requires homeowners to obtain city permission before offering their property for rent on Airbnb.

In what is likely his final address to the United Nations General Assembly, President Obama declared that in order to “to carry this progress forward,” he is “convinced that in the long run, giving up some freedom of action … binding ourselves to international rules over the long term — enhances our security.”

A Swedish appeals court on Friday affirmed a detention order issued over six years ago for Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief. Meanwhile, Assange released the first of many promised e-mails detailing Hillary Clinton's corruption.

The federal government is steadily offering money to local police departments that is making them more beholden to the feds and is also helping to change the character of local law enforcement.

As the formerly "most livable city" in Australia descends into a time of armed terror, a Melbourne paper supports stricter gun control laws.

By a vote of 24-6 in the state senate and 112-41 in the state house, the majority Republican legislature surmounted the constitutionally mandated two-thirds majority for nullifying Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of Senate Bill 656.

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