Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

North Dakota becomes the first state to allow police to use weaponized drones.

Despite the statements of the various Republican presidential candidates, the Constitution is clear on the issue of birthright citizenship.

The Obama administration is blocking the inspector general's access to files related to Fast and Furious and other Justice Department scandals.

Of all the items on his presidential bucket list that Barack Obama hasn’t checked off, there is one that bothers him more than any other: He hasn't confiscated enough weapons.

A pair of bills working their way through the California Assembly would set strict rules on the use of the Stingray surveillance device.

A new report highlights several gross abuses of civil asset forfeiture law by Oklahoma law enforcement. 

A federal indictment charges that a deputy sheriff in Georgia lied to a judge and that lie led to a no-knock raid that left a toddler in critical condition.

All of the justifications relied on in the ruling legalizing same-sex "marriage" can be applied to polygamous unions, as well.

Hackers were able to take remote control of a car using a vulnerability in Chrysler's in-dash Internet service.

At a recent education conference, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pushed Agenda 21 priorities for inclusion in the classrooms of the world.

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