Jack Kenny

The Supreme Court on Monday will hear challenges to the Environmental Protection Agency's application of limits on greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources such as power plants.

The National Education Association, the nation's largest teachers union and ardent supporter of the Common Core academic standards, has now called the nationwide implementation of the standards "completely botched."

Thursday, 20 February 2014 08:00

Rand Paul Says GOP Needs "Transformation"

The Grand Old Party has to become a brand new party if it is going to win national elections again, predicted Rand Paul.

The president's plan to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour would cause the loss of half a million to a million jobs, according to a new report from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.

Wednesday, 05 February 2014 13:00

Is Obama the New "New Nixon"?

President Barack Obama politely declined the title of "most liberal president in U.S. history" when asked by Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly if that is what he is, giving the nod to Richard Nixon. 

Tuesday, 04 February 2014 17:20

NFL Extends Its Winning Streak on Tax Breaks

The Seattle Seahawks trounced the Denver Broncos in pro football's ultimate game, but the National Football League extended its winning streak through Super Bowl XLVIII with an equally convincing array of tax breaks from New Jersey.

If some of Stanley Fischer's press clippings are accurate descriptions of his powers and abilities, the banking superstar should descend on the Federal Reserve with a capital "S" on his chest and his red cape flowing behind him.



The congressman who walked out during President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas), is considering filing articles of impeachment against Obama.

Seven former officials in the George W. Bush administration and a Republican member of House Intelligence Committee issued a sharp rebuke to the Republican National Committee Saturday over the RNC's passage of a resolution calling for an end of the "blanket surveillance" of phone calls and electronic communications records by the National Security Agency.




The Little Sisters of the Poor and Aged won another temporary victory at the U.S. Supreme Court Friday.