John F. McManus

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. aimed a stinging rebuke to the many protesters who have clogged streets, blocked highways, and demonstrated their breast-beating concern over the killing by police of two black men.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015 15:08

Climate Scare Mongers Attack Freedom

The goal of the global-warming scaremongers amounts to an attack on freedom.

The Obama administration has customarily provided dishonest unemployment figures, and if two new trade pacts are approved by Congress, the already bad unemployment situation will grow even worse.

Friday, 16 January 2015 09:06

Say No to Dangerous Trade Pacts

Congress should never cede its constitutional prerogatives by granting “fast-track authority” to the president. And both the job-threatening and foreign-entangling TPP and TTIP should be rejected.

Lawrence Summers has proposed that the decline in the price of each barrel of oil greatly improves chances for imposing a carbon tax on the nation.

The recent change in the official U.S. attitude toward Cuba amounts to a huge victory for the Castro government now led by Fidel’s brother Raul.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014 12:00

Deficits Invite Catastrophe

There is no way out of this increasingly grim fiscal situation but a sharp cutback in federal spending.

Is it correct to state that after nearly eight years of war in Iraq and the loss of 4,500 American lives the United States has finally pulled all of its forces out of Iraq? The answer is an emphatic “No.” Reports in mid-December confirm that the “U.S.-led” coalition will be beefed up to 4,600 troops, most of whom will be Americans.

Washington watchers have suggested that the neocons are likely to increase their numbers as a result of newly elected Republican senators.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 17:40

America's Culture of Death

Michael Brown died on August 9. But aborting babies, a large number of whom are black, continues in the state where he lived, and the silence about their passing deserves mention.

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