Chip Wood

Thursday, 08 October 2015 13:00

Why Don’t We Accept More Christian Refugees?

Why would the United States want to deport refugees from the Middle East who managed to make it to this country? That is what is happening to a group of 20 people who fled the Islamic State in Iraq and made it to the United States. But these people weren’t Muslims; they are Christians.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 10:45

Please Shut Down the Federal Government

The Republicans have won solid majorities in both the House and the Senate. This means they should be able to pass any legislation they want, right?

Wrong. Not when the Republican leadership in Congress doesn’t have the courage to challenge the threat of a presidential veto.

Tuesday, 01 September 2015 16:00

Hillary's Desperate Name-calling Strategy

Hillary’s campaign strategy now is to switch the focus from the stupid things she did as secretary of state to the stupid things she says as a candidate.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015 08:00

Ready for a Biden-Warren Ticket?

The political pundits are all agog over the latest rumor sweeping Washington: that not only will Vice President Joe Biden enter the race to become the Democratic nominee for president, but he has struck a deal with ultra-liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts to become his running mate.

Pundits who have been demanding that Donald Trump add some specific policies to his comments about immigration just got their wish. And I’ll bet a lot of them wish they hadn’t pushed him to do so.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015 18:00

Will the Democrats Dump Hillary?

The way things are going for the Democratic front-runner, maybe the headline for this column should be “When will the Democrats dump Hillary?” because things have certainly not been going well for the presidential candidate.

So how much have Donald Trump’s attacks on Fox News and its debate co-host Megyn Kelly cost him in the polls? According to the latest numbers from NBC News, they’ve cost him not a bit. In fact, he’s even moved up a point.

Thursday, 30 July 2015 11:30

Ted Cruz Calls Mitch McConnell a Liar

Forget about the fireworks on the campaign trail. This past week, things were more incendiary — and more interesting — in Washington, D.C.

Last week was a bad week for the Democratic front-runner. First, polls showed Hillary Clinton trailing possible Republican challengers in three key states. Next, surveys revealed — surprise, surprise! — that voters just don’t trust her. And finally, a new controversy erupted over classified material on her private email server.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015 16:30

Of Course We Must Arm Our Troops

When Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez rammed his car through the gate at the Navy Operational Support Center and Marine Corps Reserve Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and opened fire, the people he shot couldn’t defend themselves. Thanks to a 23-year-old Department of Defense policy, they were unarmed.

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