Dr. Tom DormanIt was January, 1987. I gave a nine-hour lecture in Long Beach called Evidence of a Master Conspiracy. In attendance was a very handsome and nicely dressed gentleman who introduced himself to me as Tom Dorman, an M.D. cardiologist from San Luis Obispo. He endured the long day and my even longer-winded presentation and asked very thoughtful questions.

Rush LimbaughMore than a decade ago, when Rush Limbaugh was ascending to his version of heaven (the one where dollars flow his way), he also travelled the country giving speeches. In an appearance in Daytona Beach, he told his adoring public, "The reason I do what I do, the way I do it, is to get the largest radio audience possible to get the largest dollar amount I can for commercials.  It’s a business — strictly a business."

Paul HarveyOne of America’s most familiar voices fell silent on February 28. Legendary news commentator Paul Harvey died with family members at his side at a hospital near his winter home in Phoenix. There cannot be too many Americans who have never heard him introduce his program with “Stand by for news!” over six decades. He regularly supplied generally conservative and homespun commentaries that appealed to almost everyone.

Among the elite fellowship of those who have earned our nation’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, The John Birch Society is well represented.

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