A teacher in a Norman, Oklahoma, high school tells his philosophy class that all whites are racist. Such statements serve the cause of those who desire more government and less liberty.

Satanists are opposed to Christians even having an opportunity to teach the gospel to young children after school, so they demand "equal time" with Satan Clubs to counter Christian Good News Clubs.

The latest update to the Common Core education standards mandates that students may “answer mathematics problems by responding with whatever their feelings are telling them at the time.”

A recent report says that mispronouncing a name is a micro-aggression and a form of bigotry.

The opening shot in a widely anticipated establishment crackdown on educational freedom may have been fired last week. Speaking at a breakfast with reporters, Obama's controversial Education Secretary, pro-Common Core activist John King, said he was “concerned” that some home-educated children were not getting the “breadth of instructional experience” they would get at a traditional school. While the senior Obama bureaucrat acknowledged that many homeschool families are doing it well, he also repeated the debunked smear that homeschooled children lack opportunities for socialization. Experts and critics, though, promptly lambasted King for his naive or malicious comments, suggesting that, if anything, he ought to be far more concerned about children in public schools. Some experts even offered to help educate Obama's education chief on the issue.

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