The Ohio state House of Representatives and Senate both passed legislation on December 6 that bans abortion once a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

Like clockwork, the atheists are right on schedule, targeting Christmas with yet another billboard campaign, this time with a message encouraging people to skip church this holiday season.

Alisyn Camerota of CNN recently did a feature story on the early-morning broadcast of New Day lamenting the alleged maltreatment of Muslim women in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election. The central narrative of the feature was that since the murders by the Muslim husband and wife killers in San Bernardino, California, Muslim women wearing traditional headscarves have been targeted for harassment; therefore, she suggested, U.S. women should don headscarves in order to show their "solidarity" with Muslim women.

Obama's awards ceremony on Tuesday celebrated those successfully pushing the liberal agenda.

In the wake of Donald Trump's stunning election victory, many leftists are complaining that there now are "two Americas." Not only is this lament nothing new, however, but having merely two Americas would actually be an improvement.

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