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U.S. Army Announces Military's First Openly Homosexual General

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With homosexuals now free to serve openly in the U.S. military it didn't take long for a gay officer to climb to the top of the commissioned ranks. Star and Stripes, the Defense Department's semi-official newspaper, proudly reported that the Army has promoted its first homosexual officer to general status. “Army reserve officer Tammy Smith calls her recent promotion to brigadier general exciting and humbling, saying it gives her a chance to be a leader in advancing Army values and excellence,” reported the military newspaper. The paper added that the ceremony August 10, at which Smith was officially promoted, “marks an important milestone for gay rights advocates, giving the movement its most senior public military figure. She has already been assigned as deputy chief at the Office of the Chief at the Army Reserve, and spent much of 2011 serving in Afghanistan.”

In its report on the story, the Los Angeles Times noted that during Smith's promotion ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, her “proud wife placed a star insignia on her spouse's uniformed shoulder — the official mark of an Army brigadier general.” According to the New York Times, Smith, a 26-year Army veteran, married homosexual activist Tracey Hepner in March 2011, after they had dated for nine years. The Times reported that Hepner is the founder of an organization called Military Partners and Families Coalition, which, its website explains, exists to provide “support, resources, education, and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender military partners and their families.”

While the Army made Smith unavailable for comment on the singular occasion, in a press release the Defense Department quoted her as explaining her wife's presence by saying that “participating with family in traditional ceremonies such as the promotion is both common and expected of a leader.”

Stars and Stripes pointed out that Smith has attempted to downplay her notoriety as the first openly homosexual general in the U.S armed forces. Smith insisted that such a fact is “irrelevant. I don’t think I need to be focused on that. What is relevant is upholding Army values and the responsibility this carries.”

The irony of that comment is that, up until the dismantling of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” (DADT) in 2011, homosexual behavior had been considered a violation of the values of America's fighting force since the nation's founding. But the Defense Department has somehow turned homosexuality into a lifestyle worthy of celebration among pockets of the military. For example, as reported by The New American, in June Defense Secretary Leon Panetta released a video thanking homosexual military personnel for their service to the nation — both during and since the repeal of DADT. “As we recognize pride month, I want to personally thank all of our gay and lesbian service members, LGBT civilians and their families for their dedicated service to our country,” Panetta said. “Before the repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ you faithfully served your country with professionalism and courage. And just like your fellow service members, you put your country before yourself. And now after the repeal, you can be proud of serving your country and be proud of who you are in uniform.”

In July, as reported by The New American, Panetta followed up that congratulations by allowing military personnel to march in uniform in a San Diego “gay pride parade,” an act that is banned by military regulations. After the event U.S. Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, fired off a letter to Panetta asking him why he offered a waiver of that prohibition to homosexual personnel, while at the same time allowing a Navy chaplain to be punished for wearing his uniform to a pro-life event, or a Marine for attending a Ron Paul campaign event in his uniform.

“If the Navy can punish a chaplain for participating in a pro-life event or a Marine for participating in a political rally, it stands to reason that the Defense Department should maintain the same standard and preclude service members in uniform from marching in a gay pride parade,” Inhofe challenged Panetta.

In a separate statement, Inhofe expressed his concern that the Obama administration “continues to force its liberal social agenda on the military by promoting the homosexual agenda, mandating the use of high-cost green energy initiatives, pursuing abortion rights, and suppressing the free exercise of religious liberties.”

Commenting on the Defense Department's double standard, Col. Ron Ray, USMC (Ret.), a deputy assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration, noted that there is a “two-hundred-year history of Christian prayer as an edifying and educational foundation for our combat troops. Chaplains are now warned that they cannot pray in Jesus’ name, and combat leaders are instructed not to pray with their troops.” By contrast, said Ray, “there is a two month history of open homosexual political activity in the military, and senior Pentagon officials are calling this grand social experiment 'participating with family in traditional ceremonies.' Soldiers in uniform continue to be officially banned from political activity, but the standards appear to change based on whether we are talking about sodomy or religious liberty.”


  • Comment Link lastofall Sunday, 19 August 2012 02:07 posted by lastofall

    It doesn't matter if the military can function with this arrangement, for secular society functions just fine while it expands sin to itself. The point is that the faithful in old times, they walked as one man, but here and now this is not possible, because of the deliberate accommodation for sin.

  • Comment Link Jerry D Saturday, 18 August 2012 13:10 posted by Jerry D

    That means that the days of America as a superpower and a nation of her stability are numbered. This nation will fall to her impoverish misery. We today are not winning wars due to apostasy toward God.

  • Comment Link Carl Thursday, 16 August 2012 13:38 posted by Carl

    Isn't this emblematic of our country in general today? Men being pushed aside (in the family, in the business world, in many churches, and now the military) in favor of less qualified women. And in so many cases today, these are also LESBIAN women, just to prove how "tolerant" we are! It's no wonder the Muslims hold us in such contempt as a nation - we are weak, and growing more so each day under this Marxist regime.

  • Comment Link Mr Jeffrey Ray Hardin Tuesday, 14 August 2012 21:53 posted by Mr Jeffrey Ray Hardin

    Well, it's like this folks...We know where everyone will be holstering their weapons at.
    Another way to kill morale...If Obama can keep out the men and woman who bring honor and integrity into our Armed services, then this will allow him to bring in his own people, his own private army as he had promised us?
    By doing this, they are less loyal to the American citizens and more loyal to Obama and the immoral left and their swearing in without merit?

  • Comment Link Don DeHoff Tuesday, 14 August 2012 20:47 posted by Don DeHoff

    Romney needs to declare that once in office he will ask congress to conduct an extensive public hearing on the gay issue, with all parties (persuasions) and experts invited to testify. The hearing should be timed so that when over, all congresspersons could go back to their states and conduct local hearings---then reconvene in Washington and hopefully come up with the appropriate legislation that will clarify the various issues involved, causes, and findings. I believe the hearings would clearly reveal that there are more than one cause, i.e., genetic, envioromental, a combintion of both, and sexual perversions. I also believe that pedophilla will be listed as a gay issue, that probably will fall into the sexual perversion arena. Each of these issues will have to be addressed individually with appropriate solutions for each. Also, the issue of children being raised within a gay environment, needs to be addressed, as such children surely must have serious logic and emotional issues in resolving the differences at home as compared to the outside world. I also believe such a partnership should not be referred to as "marriage", in that it sulies the meaning of the eons old conceipt of the word. It is analogous to nurses' aids calling themselves medical doctors, or a piper cub pilots saying they are airline pilots. While gay partnerships have many similiarities to marriage there are eqally as many differences. and should have their own identity.

  • Comment Link Connie Guest Tuesday, 14 August 2012 18:24 posted by Connie Guest

    Well, why not? We have queer senators and representatives. It's the status quo. It's unbearable how ugly things have become.

  • Comment Link REMant Tuesday, 14 August 2012 16:05 posted by REMant

    The military. like the govt generally, and the Church before, has always been seen as a haven for misfits as a trip to Walter Reed, the Library of Congress or any number of Fed agencies will readily attest. Tho, in this case, I'd be more leery of the males than the females. But if you think Don't Ask, Don't Tell was good policy, then it is surely inconsistent to argue against erecting a similar wall of separation between service members and political activity. Would that it extended to Petraeus, et al.

  • Comment Link Gordon Freeman Tuesday, 14 August 2012 14:59 posted by Gordon Freeman

    The armed services is being transformed to a political socio-domestic entity, this coupled with the fact that the FBI and ATF is considering all religious individuals and libertarians as domestic terrorists I'm very happy to not be an american at this point in time.

    Please if you are conservative then escape the USA and come to Norway. We need more conservatives here, and even if just a very small portion of the US conservatives emmigrated to Norway it would be enough to make Norway into the sort of country the founding fathers would be proud of ;)

    So escape before you and your family is jailed or they take away your money.

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