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U.K. Parliament Targets Policy Allowing 40-Week Abortions of “Disabled” Babies

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An investigative commission within the U.K.'s Parliament has recommended changes to a law that allows for abortion as late as 40 weeks for babies who may be “severely disabled” when born. The UK's Telegraph newspaper reported that, according to the commission chaired by Conservative MP Fiona Bruce, the rules for when a pre-born baby may be deemed severely disabled are being applied “haphazardly” and in some cases may be used as a convenient way to end the life of a baby that a mother or couple do not want to deal with. In other cases, the commission reported, parents are being “steered” toward aborting potentially disabled babies without being fully informed about available alternatives to them once a baby is born.

In some examples, reported The Telegraph, use of the rule “has led to fetuses being aborted purely because screening has detected a cleft lip or club foot, conditions which can be dealt with after birth, according to the committee. Under the 1967 Abortion Act, a termination can be carried out up until 24 weeks gestation if two doctors agree that the physical or mental health of the woman or the child would be at risk if the pregnancy were to continue.”

The special policy is supposed to be used in cases — up to 40 weeks into a pregnancy — in which a doctor believes there may be a “substantial risk” that a child will be “seriously” handicapped. According to The Tablet, a weekly U.K. Catholic publication, the number of abortions performed because of a supposed disability in the pre-born child has risen by 14 percent over the past year. “Records released by the Department of Health show that 2,692 abortions took place last year due to diagnosis of a medical abnormality, compared to 2,307 in 2011,” reported the Catholic publication. “Termination of pregnancies in which Down syndrome was diagnosed increased by six per cent (from 512 to 544). Abortions for other medical conditions, such as cystic fibrosis and multiple gestation, also increased by 33 per cent — with four pregnancies terminated due to diagnosis of a cleft palate.”

According to the British government, the total number of abortions in England and Wales decreased by two and one-half percent, from 189,931 in 2011 to 185,122 in 2012 — a number that is still over five percent higher than the number of abortions performed in the U.K. in 2002.

“It is time to review the moral, ethical, legal, and practical framework within which this provision of the Abortion Act operates and how the law applies to a fetus beyond the age of viability,” the commission's report recommended. “Given the changes in domestic and international law and societal attitudes in recent years which are influencing views on disability, we recommend that Parliament reviews the question of allowing abortion on the grounds of disability.”

Mike Sullivan of Saving Downs, a New Zealand-based advocacy group for people with Down syndrome, applauded the report, predicting that repealing the policy “would be the abolition of eugenic abortions against our people.” Sullivan added that such a repeal would represent “a defining moment for the Down syndrome community in the UK,” and would likely have “downstream effects in countries such as New Zealand and Australia, as the screening and disability selective abortion programs in those two countries mirror the UK ones.”

He concluded that only time would tell “how the recommendations develop into changes, but we can be sure that this is a momentous and historic stepping stone towards full social justice for our community."


  • Comment Link Jackie Dowdy Saturday, 03 August 2013 12:33 posted by Jackie Dowdy

    (Forgive me, these posts are out of order - read from the bottom up - my apologies...)

    In junior high, I was in band rather than athletics, but because I always had something to prove of myself, because of my condition, I wanted to be the best I could be - I DID have talent.

    High school - I was in B band I think my freshman year, and realized some of the best people were in band, and again I wanted to be with the best as a "differently ABLED" person, and I did it - long story short, I made it to Honor Band, I made Asst. Drum Major Senior Year, rec'd the JPSousa Award (which means most dedicated and best in band! HA! take THAT society!) and I applied later to A&M Corpus Christi but later dropped out, because of my belief in Self-education (why pay someone to tell me what to read, when I have the same resources available at home for me to read and learn according to MY standards??)

    Who I’ve become is because of my drive to be the best I can be – I can walk, and I can even jog! I’ve developed a love for history, especially for my home State of Texas. My idols include Samuel Adams because he never backed down when people thought him strange, George Washington for his clear and precise vision and decision making, Ben Franklin for his philosophical way of looking at every angle to come to the most logic conclusion, and Stephen Austin and Davy Crockett for their ambition and dedication to deliver and fight for Texas Independence.

    I will always cherish my ABILITIES and DISABILITIES because I will overcome and I will become better. I thank God for every day that I am breathing; too much is taken for granted by people who believe that life is expendable – what a horrible thing it is to be comfortable with murder.

    There is another story about a little boy who has autism – he is a neighbor of mine, and his father would have no one if he didn’t have his son. This little boy, Clint, can sense laughter before it happens – he has a fascination with fans, he laughs, he speaks words and he PRAYS! He claps at the end of every prayer! Clint is a character in God’s world, and we cannot be the judge’s of anyone’s life – my point of all this is this:

    No one, except God Himself, can determine the happiness of any living creature – do not abort the life of anyone. There is no excuse. There is a natural “pursuit of happiness” which everyone is conscious of, and it is only that being that will determine the level of happiness they feel – you cannot feel their pain or anguish for them, and you cannot feel their happiness for them either.

  • Comment Link Jackie Dowdy Saturday, 03 August 2013 12:07 posted by Jackie Dowdy

    (I prefer to self-educate since everything to do with knowledge is progressively researched and tested on our children, treating them like lab rats, and are expected to be graded on what THE WISE deem correct.)

    Believe it or not, I was the best on the tap dancing team - they were my new magic shoes. At the time my idol was Christina Yamaguchi, a world champion ice skater who too was born with club feet, and look at what she accomplished! She was in the Olympics (if that means anything, since it too is run by the globalists - there's unknown talent out there for sure that is "ABLED" only in talent, not money.) Today my idol is Danny "the Count" of Count's Kustoms in Vegas - You could learn so much from him about business...anyway, back to the story:

    I pursued tapping for years, and made it to the "high-heel" shoes, my next pair of magic shoes - to be able to wear a pair of those tap shoes was my goal. I had done it - I was top in the class, and was ready to keep going. BUT, let's get real - my ankles were still developing - my feet were smaller than average, and I was beginning to experience tweeks and aches in my ankles, a precedent of being ABLED by the blessed work of Dr. Stanley. I had to give it up...a hard decision, but logical. (I'll always remember Peggy-Anne and Cici Jean in Kerrville's best dance studio - God bless them for being great at what they teach.)

    Through my life as a youngling, I had developed a particular love and connection with music - my brother's and my favorite was Ghost Busters and then there was Alvin and the Chipmunks! Those were great times; and remember, I wasn't walking, and so I had to use my sense of hearing and sight moreso, I believe, than the other kids.

    So instead of tapping, my mom claims I wanted to join band because of a friend who wanted to join band and play the flute - but I don't remember it that way. I remember wanting to play the trumpet, but for some reason I was given the flute - maybe my lips didn't make the right tone for the trumpet.

    So in the first year, I sucked - I didn't want to be there. My parents went through a divorce, and maybe I wanted to recluse from society - for whatever reason, the flute was NOT my cup o' tea...(Cont. below)

  • Comment Link Jackie Dowdy Saturday, 03 August 2013 11:55 posted by Jackie Dowdy

    Good afternoon - I've wanted to share my story with the world as an example of why terminating/aborting a "disabled" PERSON (that which has legal rights to life from the moment of conception) is immoral, flat out wrong, and heartbreaking.

    My name is Jackie Dowdy - my mother and father gave me that name for no particular reason other than they liked the name - I was born with severe bilateral club feet - both feet were technically and visually "on backwards".

    Now, I was disabled, and if I'm telling the story in the correct series of events, I was within hours of my birth operated on by a truly blessed Doctor Stanley, in San Antonio, TX. (He will forever be in my heart as the reason why I am ABLED today; I am forever grateful that God truly blessed him to ABLE so many CHILDREN throughout his career.)

    Research has shown (and I'm serious here - I've researched the research and am a good candidate to support the evidence) that children who are unable to walk in their early years are much more likely to be better with their hands, and are more likely to be more observant and have a much better ability to learn.

    So here's my story - as an infant, I was in casts - there are photos of me smiling and giggling just as happy as any baby is to see their mom and dad smiling and giggling right back...

    I have one particular memory of my first day to be left at day care - I was walking upright, and I remember I was wearing white shoes and a little blue jump suit...and you know what? As a family, we had a name for those shoes - they were my "magic shoes".

    There's another memory I have at daycare, only this time, I was in a wheelchair, outside - the kids were kicking the bouncy rubber ball that afternoon, and a small smooth white rock (like for playgrounds) was innocently kicked along with the ball, and that rock, I remember, fell right into my cast, just under my right knee, on the inside of my leg - well, like any kid, I thought I'd maneuver it out with my ABLED fingers, and that just pushed the rock deeper - it stayed, and I have a tiny scar where the rock made its home for only God remembers how long!

    I had leg braces to complement my magic shoes, and they were red, and there are photos of me in them, walking along just as curious about this world as any other ABLED child.

    By elementary school, I wasn't in those magic shoes anymore or the braces (they had worked their magic). I made friends, I played on the playground, we enjoyed PE, and I made straight A's if that counts for anything. (Continued below)

  • Comment Link Bob Hurt Friday, 02 August 2013 20:33 posted by Bob Hurt

    The article displeasure over aborting seriously defective babies 10 months weeks after inception.

    How would YOU like to go through life with two heads, no arms and legs, elephant-man disfigurement, such brain dysfunction as to make the child a breathing vegetable, etc? Don't you consider the birthing of such babies INHUMANE treatment of the baby that will suffer for life? Frankly, I do. I don't consider human life so precious that I would condemn an innocent person to a lifetime of physical or psychic agony or torture.

    And I consider it inhumane to both parents and society. Both will bear tremendous expense treating the disability of the life of the person who never should have been conceived to begin with.

    Never should have been conceived? How would the parents know their child would have such terrible defects?

    Good question. Many times they cannot. Hence the brilliant idea of seeking to discover such disability of the fetus, and then aborting it.

    And what about the terrible MENTAL disability of inherited gross stupidity that will make the child unable to graduate from high school or compete for the better jobs and mates, and that will make the child a victim of smarter people throughout life, and will condemn the child to a lifetime of inveterate inability to evaluate relative importances, bad choices, and inability to make sensible choices for political candidates?

    The good news: we don't have to wait until conception to detect the disability the vast majority of such unborn children. We need only administer an IQ test to the prospective parents and we will know the child will most likely have about the same mental defects as the parents. Why? Because stupidity is MOSTLY GENETIC in nature. Children inherit the defect from their parents. The child will become inferior from birth because the parents suffer from a genetic inferiority themselves and cannot help passing it on to the vast majority of their offspring, if they are stupid enough to procreate any, and most are.

    Defective? Inferior? Did I use those politically incorrect terms in reference to feckless, irresponsible parents and their precious offspring? Yes I did. They are precious in the eyes of God, maybe, but not at all precious to an advancing civilization, and they should not exist.

    Am I trying to play God? No. Just stating common sense. But for laws that protect such people, they would get killed off by smarter folks, kill themselves in freak accidents caused by their stupidity, or become the slaves of more able people. How do I know? Look at history. And look at America's stupidity-infested ghettos and the crime and murder rates there. Look at the failure rates in high school. Look at the teen pregnancy rates of the stupid. Look at the massive burdens the stupid impose on health care, education, criminal justice, and welfare infrastructures. And look at their low value of productivity. They should not exist.

    But since they do, the SMART people of America have a civilizational responsibility to do the following:

    Put the stupid in protective compounds or in the care of smart volunteer families, where they receive gainful employment, discipline and control, suitable education, and liberty commensurate with their responsibility.
    Sterilize them so they cannot procreate more like them.
    Deny them suffrage, or scale their suffrage so it cannot adversely affect elections.

    Violates the Constitution? Yes. So, we need to change it.

    Why? BECAUSE PROCREATION OF THE STUPID BY THE STUPID IS INHUMANE AND ESSENTIALLY CRIMINAL. It is not mere negligence. It is criminal in nature because it actually injures the stupid children, the stupid parents, and society. It also causes terrible people to get elected to positions of power because the stupid have a lot of political power.

    Remember Lyndon Johnson's prediction regarding the effect of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that he and his minions pushed through Congress:

    "The Niggers will vote Democrat for the next 200 years."

    He predicted correctly, for the most part. By that he meant that most Negroes did not have enough native intelligence to make prudent political decisions. They vote for the party that pushed through the civil rights act without regard to the Communistic intentions and its evil purposes of the Party leadership.

    Liberals (Democrats) do not want to stop the immigration, conception, or birth of defective children, particularly stupid children, because such children grow up to become mostly Democrat voters.

    You might not agree with my comments. But you certainly must agree that American taxpayers pay an enormous cost to support the 80 million stupid and another 80 million irresponsibles through their crimes, welfare abuse, and low-value productivity.

    Think about that as you reflect on the subject article. And think about SOLUTIONS. Then BECOME POLITICALLY ACTIVE to FIX the problem of inception and birth of defective, inferior babies. Think about their cost to the parents and taxpayers and their burden on the economy. Think about benign ways dramatically to reduce their numbers and their influence on elections. Most people of good sense will think about these uncomfortable issues and act wisely to bring them under control.

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