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U.S. Catholic Bishop Notes Mandela's Deadly Dedication to Abortion

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While the world lauded the memory of South Africa's late president Nelson Mandela, at least one Catholic bishop was pointing out the controversial African leader's embrace and promotion of abortion in his country and among his people.

Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin issued a statement December 5 echoing the unwarranted pro-Mandela chorus that there is “much to admire in Mandela’s long life and public service, particularly his personal courage and his stalwart defense of human rights.” But Tobin tempered his praise by pointing out that a big part of Mandela's legacy “is not at all praiseworthy, namely his shameful promotion of abortion in South Africa.” The bishop recalled that in 1996 President Mandela “promoted and signed into law the 'Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Bill' that, according to the New York Times, 'replaced one of the world’s toughest abortion laws with one of the most liberal.'”

Tobin's criticism of Mandela's abortion stance was in sharp contrast to the words of Pope Francis, who, like most other world leaders, offered fawning praise for Mandela. The Catholic website noted that in a message to South Africa President Jacob Zuma, “Pope Francis said he offered a prayer to assure that Mandela's efforts to forge a new nation based on nonviolence, reconciliation and truth after the apartheid era 'will inspire generations of South Africans to put justice and the common good at the forefront of their political aspirations.'”

In their own statement on Mandela's death, South Africa's Catholic bishops may have hinted at the darker parts of their late president's legacy when they noted that “as with all people he made mistakes and had shortcomings — we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (cf. Romans 3:23). Thus, we commend him to the Lord and pray that he will rest in peace.”

John Smeaton of the British pro-life group Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) warned that “it is absolutely vital that Catholic leaders do not allow themselves to become respecters of persons, swept away by personality cults. Catholic leaders have a duty to stand up to public figures with anti-life and anti-family records, however praiseworthy their record may be on other issues. The sanctity of human life and the dignity of the family are the foundation and guarantee of all other human rights.”

Smeaton noted that in addition to signing the pro-abortion Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Bill, in 1996 President Mandela affixed his signature to South Africa's re-worked constitution, which “made the legalization of abortion on demand a mere formality. Mr Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC) has a strong ideological commitment to abortion, with the ANC Women’s League strongly behind the legalization of abortion on demand.”

Smeaton added that the ANC “has for decades been in a close political and electoral alliance with the South African Communist Party (SACP) which also has a strong ideological commitment to abortion.”

While the majority of America's black leaders were predictably effusive in their praise for Mandela, Dr. Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union, told that “it is really very sad that Nelson Mandela was blind to the suffering of the smallest of his own people. He had such a triumphant life fighting for civil rights, yet he failed to see unborn children as significant.”

Similarly, black pro-life leader Ryan Bomberger told LifeSiteNews that he has often witnessed “how people move from being oppressed to becoming the oppressor. How can you condemn the evil of apartheid and turn around and deem another group to be less than human?” LifeSite noted that Bomberger “has targeted African American civil rights leaders, and other liberal black leaders with the stark message that they should 'Wake up! Your future is dying.' Like Mandela, many of these black leaders 'partner with the most racist, eugenicist, killing organizations in the world,' he said.”


  • Comment Link aCultureWarrior Friday, 13 December 2013 20:50 posted by aCultureWarrior

    Blood murdering communist, ultra liberal abortionist, promoter of sodomy (comrade Mandela was an earlier promoter of 'gay marriage');what's to like about Nelson Mandela?

  • Comment Link J. Warren Clark Friday, 13 December 2013 11:26 posted by J. Warren Clark

    Like the post, and the comment of "sirburban" above, this piece goes only about as deep as the black clothes on their backs--a cheap trick that has served them well throughout the church's history.
    Sirburban's comments are nothing but a string of cheap fallacious and "odious" comparisons and would have readers believe that a "religious man" is someone who wears "the cloth" and that there is nothing spiritual in refusing the presumptions and vomitous excesses of a corporate (corporeal) church--an inversion, indeed, of the teachings of the Master.

    Then look at the phrase "deadly dedication" in the title of this completely reactionary and predictable partisan piece--sophistical and designed to persuade/confuse untutored readers. That hawkish conservatives, not real conservatives, and the Church can accuse an activist who did his time of a "deadly dedication" is incredible when one considers that historically the Church has raised that "deadly dedication" to the level, not of a dedication, but a vocation! The hypocrisy here is nearly as vomitous as the conveniently overlooked history of a very very bloody corporate power structure, which incidentally, the Reformation did nothing to cure!

    Don't imagine that I am defending Mandela here. I am not, and am in no position to judge him at all. What I am saying is that these writers need to look in a very old and deep mirror and first concern themselves with the simple and reactionary plank in their own eye before they worry about the mote of dust in the eye of a dead man who is no longer able to speak for himself!
    Like all arguments that drag in "dead babies" to trump every other sound principle, and in the process commit the sin of elevating the body above the soul, this stuff is essentially manipulative and dangerous to every spirit that feeds and guides itself with the love of true principles--such as the principle that "the soul is more important than the body." JWC

  • Comment Link sirburban Thursday, 12 December 2013 23:17 posted by sirburban

    Whatever happened to the Catholic Church? It used to be anti-communist! Now all we hear, even from so-called "conservative" bishops like Cardinal Dolan, is liberaldom's political correctness line. He was no world "hero." He was another common red thug!

    Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen would of at least pointed out his red ties.

    In an article by Wm. Jasper at this site, he linked to a story of the Bishop of Shanghai.
    The linked article gave a short biography of this brave and loyal Christian man: The Bishop of Shanghai:>>>

    "Months after his arrest, he was taken out to a mob 'struggle session' in the old Dog Racing stadium in Shanghai. Thousands were ordered to attend and to hear the Bishop's public confession of his 'crimes.'

    "With his hands tied behind his back, wearing a Chinese pajama suit, the 5-foot tall bishop was pushed forward to the microphone to confess. To the shock of the security police, they heard a righteous loud cry of LONG LIVE CHRIST THE KING, Long live the Pope" from the Bishop.

    "The crowd responded immediately, 'Long live Christ the King, Long live Bishop Kung'.

    "Bishop Kung was quickly dragged away to the police car and disappeared from the world until he was brought to trial in 1960. Bishop Kung was sentenced to life imprisonment."

    Mr. Jasper says that Bishop Kung's prison time "overlapped" Mandela's.Bishop Kung wasn't babied as was Mandela.

    The diminutive Catholic future Cardinal received 33 years for his beliefs. Mandela got 27 but if he renounced his unchristian terrorism ways he could walk out a free man. He refused to give up terrorism!

    The US media ignored the Bishop of Shanghai and the tens of thousands locked up for their religious beliefs in China. Persecuted Christian pastors are ignored in China.

    The Fox Media make a fuss over the persecuted Pastor in Iran. But they do so not out of concern for his religious freedom as much as a handy prop to use to stir folks up for war with Iran.

    Ignatius Cardinal KUNG Pinmei was not statuesque like Mandela. He was short where Mandela was tall. The media say of the black "human rights" leader that had a "statesman-like" manner. He talked a good line but Bishop Kung walked the talk!

    The Chinese, Christian pastor's strength lay within. His power was his love of God and his love of the church that sought to bring the Gospel to his fellow countrymen. Mandela sought to bring them communism and redistribute (steal) the property of some to give to others as bribes.

    Is it any wonder the anti-Christ Media built up the bomb thrower and ignored the man of God locked up for 33 years in Red China? They have no use for genuine heroes like Bishop Kung. But why in heaven's name does the Catholic Church and her Pope bend over backwards for a man who would not renounce terrorism and was not even a religious man and who supported abortion - the murder of innocent unborn?

    One thing for sure is that this gloating over Mandela by Francis and the Catholic clergy is that it shows how soft they are. How can these people keep the Church alive and growing and true to her roots dating back to the Apostles when they don't have the nerve to speak the truth about a terrorist thug.

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