The Oklahoma House of Representatives has unanimously passed a resolution in support of traditional marriage and the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

California's legislature is considering a bill that would revoke the tax-exempt status of groups — like the Boy Scouts of America — that ban homosexual members or leaders.

Much to the chagrin of pro-family and television watchdog groups, the Federal Communications Commission is considering easing up on the decency standards that have governed broadcast television for years.

The Obama administration’s Department of Defense was caught training U.S. troops that Catholics, orthodox Jews, and evangelical Christians are to be considered “religious extremists,” even equating the major religions representing more than half of Americans with truly violent groups such as al-Qaeda, the Ku Klux Klan, and Hamas. After the explosive revelations hit the headlines, outrage promptly ensued. Now, critics are calling for an immediate public apology to the soldiers exposed to the hateful propaganda, as well as to the Christian and Jewish communities targeted in the presentation.


A federal judge has ordered that Plan B, known as the "abortion pill," must be made available over the counter to girls under the age of 17.