Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has rejected a request by Christian retailer Hobby Lobby to block implementation of the contraception mandate, scheduled to kick in at the beginning of the year.

Americans engaged in the Culture War should not allow themselves to be discouraged by the attacks on their beliefs and religious liberty. Instead, Dr. Duke Pesta explains in this short video presentation, they should take encouragement in the fact that the early Christians, despite being subjected to far worse attacks including being put to death by Roman tyrants, not only grew in numbers but eventually became the dominant force shaping Western Civilization.

What do you do if you claim to be a Christian but are offended by Scriptures condemning the practice of homosexuality? If you are one of the unnamed editors of the new “Queen James Bible” (QJV), you simply rewrite the offending passages to your liking, and — voilá! — the problem is solved.

While Americans may be growing more accepting of homosexuality, a Gallup poll finds that a majority agree with the Boy Scouts' ban on gay scout leaders.

A homosexual couple is suing a New Mexico preschool for rejecting their son as as student because of the couple's lifestyle.

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