Notre Dame University has invited pro-abortion President Barack Obama back to campus, this time to debate GOP presidential opponent Mitt Romney, whose position on abortion hasn’t always been clear.

The latest invitation to the pro-abortion president, who believes the unborn who survive “botched” abortions should be killed, comes as the university awaits word on a lawsuit it filed against Obama. That lawsuit involves the president's mandate that forces Catholic employers to provide free birth control, via insurance companies, for employees.

Following the arrests of several individuals for sharing their Christian faith on New Orleans' notorious Bourbon Street, a 2011 ordinance that effectively bans religious speech in the city's “anything goes” party district has prompted a series of First Amendment lawsuits.

Pastors across America are preparing to defy IRS rules against politics in the pulpit on October 7 with "Pulpit Freedom Sunday."

Will Science disprove the existence of God? No, but that hasn't stopped atheists from continuing to make that claim for centuries.

A Ten Commandments monument that has graced the landscape of a Pennsylvania high school for decades is the latest target of the atheist attack group Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). The group has filed suit in U.S. District Court to have the granite display, erected by a local organization years ago, removed from the front of Valley High School in the community of New Kensington.