A pair of Colorado cities have decided to disregard the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) over the atheist group's demand that the cities' government meetings drop their customary opening prayers. As reported by Pueblo's Chieftain newspaper, the city council of Pueblo had originally caved in to the FFRF's demands, dropping the traditional invocation in favor of a moment of silence.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed suit against a second Pennsylvania school district in as many weeks over a Ten Commandments monument displayed on school property. The anti-religion attack group, which had filed a lawsuit on September 14 against the New Kensington-Arnold School District for the Ten Commandments monument displayed at its Valley High School, mounted a similar assault against the Connellsville Area School District for its Decalogue display at the Connellsville Junior High School.

Over 60 pro-life activists were arrested during a three-day period, September 29 through October 1, as they knelt and prayed on what is considered restricted space outside the White House. The event, organized in part by the Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition, was meant as a protest of the Obama administration's contraception mandate, which would “force institutions, churches and individuals to purchase abortion-inducing drugs and pay for sterilization and abortion in direct opposition to their beliefs, conscience and historic teachings of the Church,” read a statement issued by the group. The statement added that “with the recent Supreme Court ruling affirming Obamacare, the future of religious freedom in America is at risk and in grave danger of being entirely wiped out.”

A Mori survey taken for the European Depression Association has found that 10 percent of European workers say that they have missed work because of depression. When the survey dug deeper, the results were grimmer: A whopping 20 percent of those surveyed had been diagnosed with depression at some time in their lives. 

The “IDEA” survey (Impact of Depression in the workplace in Europe Audit) polled 7,000 workers in seven different nations: Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Denmark. Interestingly, those who reported diagnosis for depression the most often were workers in nations that have largely avoided the recent economic problems of the eurozone — Germany (61 percent), Denmark (60 percent), Britain (58 percent) — while Italy, which is facing major economic problems, had the lowest rate of depression at 12 percent.

Cheerleaders at the high school in Kountze, Texas, are taking on the the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) after the atheist group demanded the student group stop displaying the giant banners with Bible verses that the school's football team runs through at the beginning of games.

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