Ron PaulHollywood’s depravity continues apace, this time with the Constitution's most famous champion in its crosshairs. In Sasha Baron Cohen’s new film Bruno, Cohen (who plays an out-of-work “gay” Austrian talk-show host) pulls down his pants during an interview with Congressman Ron Paul.

same sexMassachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, in an unusual twist for someone in the uber liberal Bay State, is suing the federal government, invoking states’ rights and the Constitution, for the federal government's Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), claiming Congress overstepped its authority by passing DOMA.

Abortion T-shirtShould expressing pro-life sentiments make you a pariah behind schoolhouse doors? Well, whether it should or not, a case out of Scotland indicates that it certainly can — and does.

It seems as if Michael Jackson has done the impossible. That is, he appears to be getting more media coverage — and more of the favorable variety — in death than Barack Obama does in life.

Frank LombardWe all remember the infamous Duke University rape frame-up case, in which three white lacrosse players were falsely accused of raping a black female stripper. It was front-page news coast to coast, as it had all the elements of a mainstream-media cause célèbre: the perfect victim and the perfect villains, a “downtrodden” black woman of modest means and three “privileged” white college boys. Thus did the hard-left alliance of media, academia, and a Democrat prosecutor try its best to lynch the three, and if the stripper’s story hadn’t changed with the wind, the students could very well be sitting in prison currently.

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