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Robert E. LeeGeneral Robert E. Lee knew the South had lost the war. He was also vividly aware that many, perhaps even most, of his troops were willing to continue the fight with vengeance, not victory, as the primary objective.

Walter DurantyUsing terror and famine, Josef Stalin murdered millions in the Ukraine. Walter Duranty, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, and the New York Times covered up the massacre.

Witchhunt? The high-profile cases cited by Senator Joseph McCarthy — Owen Lattimore, John Stewart Service, and Philip C. Jessup — all ended with the senator’s charges being validated.

John Birch, fortified by Christian virtue, fought and died in an effort to liberate, in body and soul, China’s oppressed masses.

Old-school "liberal" John T. Flynn fought for limited government and noninterventionism against the rising tides of socialism and militarism.

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