In what one commentator called “the single most despicable act of media bias I have ever encountered,” a CBS radio report on the recent Chicago kidnapping/torture incident left listeners with the impression that the victim was a handicapped black teenager — tortured by four white Trump supporters. 

Students at the world-renowned University of London School of Oriental and African Studies are demanding that white philosophers be eliminated from the course curriculum.

The New York Times correctly noted that the American Dream remains intact, but it's getting ragged around the edges. And the Times fails to address one of the main reasons why.

A taxpayer-funded book about transgenderism is about to be rolled out in schools in the United Kingdom to children as young as seven, provoking significant controversy. The book — Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity? — focuses on a 12-year-old who is transitioning from a girl to a boy through drugs. Critics contend the book not only will confuse its young audiences but advocates medical interventions that are harmful.

A U.S. District Court judge issued an injunction against an HHS rule requiring health plans to cover sex-change operations and abortions in violation of their standards.

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