Was Winston Churchill correct in saying "Islam in a man is like rabies in a dog"? Or is the faith, as Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and others have said, a religion of peace?







The Left has criticized blockbuster film American Sniper, with Michael Moore calling snipers themselves "cowards." But what do fellow soldiers say about their sniper brothers-in-arms? And what is cowardice, anyway?

The argument long applied to homosexuality — that it's okay if it's inborn — now may be applied to pedophilia. But does the argument really hold water?

Pedophilia seems to be gaining increasing acceptance among the rich and powerful. Does this mean that it's only a matter of time before their attitude trickles down to the middle class?

A trial began on January 27 to determine if former Houston City Attorney David Feldman had illegally invalidated thousands of signatures on a petition to hold a repeal referendum on the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance, which prohibits discrimination based on (among other things) “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.”