Donald Trump may be eluding the thought police's snares. But as an ex-tennis official has learned the hard way, political correctness is still alive and well. 

Michigan’s Board of Education has drafted a set of guidelines that asks schools to allow students to make their own decisions regarding which bathrooms they use, the gender by which they want to be identified, and the names by which they’d like to be called.

The university is touted as a place where scholars search for truth. In reality, it is far too often a place where there is an invisible sign out front: "Conservatives need not apply."

Why should colleges be conducting criminal investigations? The case of the Yale basketball player is yet another example of progressive philosophy that drives the federal government to interfere in state and local governments.

Despite being called the “Father of the Constitution,” there is no monument to James Madison in Washington, D.C. Well, there is a small statue of him inside the Library of Congress annex that bears his name, but it is dwarfed (as was the man himself) by the marble markers dedicated to his contemporaries, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

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