The city council of Anaheim, California is taking the U.S. House of Representatives up on its admonition that America’s national motto, “In God We Trust,” ought to be proudly displayed in public schools and government buildings across America. On May 29, the southern California community’s governing body voted unanimously to include the motto, set in four-inch brushed-gold letters on a black background, in the City Council Chambers.

Following the success of a similar effort last March, tens of thousands of pro-life and Christian activists will gather at public venues in cities across the nation June 8 to voice the overwhelming opposition Americans have toward President Obama’s contraception mandate, which will require that all employers — including religious institutions — provide free birth control to their employees.

Organized by the Pro-Life Action League and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally is scheduled for some 160 cities across the nation as an estimated 75,000 individuals, families, churches, and groups gather to hear from religious and pro-life leaders, pray, and express their opposition to the mandate, announced in late January by Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Actor Michael J. Fox has backed off his enthusiastic advocacy of embryonic stem-cell research as a cure for his Parkinson's disease, saying other treatments show more promise.

Jesus Was a Commie. That’s the title of actor Matthew Modine’s short documentary film that’s been winning film festival awards and critical acclaim.

Two hundred years ago, President Madison presented a case for war against Britain in our nation's first declared war. Congress, though, not the President, made the decision: just as the Constitution requires. 

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