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With nationwide outrage escalating quickly over the Obama-backed nationalization of education through “Common Core” standards, Manchester, the largest school district in New Hampshire, voted last week to move beyond the national scheme and create its own set of superior standards. Under intense public pressure to reject the establishment’s controversial program entirely, the school board refused to adopt Common Core and the curriculum aligned with it. Instead, however, they voted to create “The Manchester Academic Standards” (TMAS) — using the national standards as a supposed “floor.” Both sides are claiming victory, but the battle is far from finished.  

Over 100 Christian non-profits have filed a class-action lawsuit to halt implementation of the federal contraception mandate.

While the Army has done an about face on its designation of a pro-family group as "hateful," the Pentagon's true take on conservative Christians remains murky.

With the national uproar over the Obama administration-backed “Common Core” nationalization of education reaching a fever pitch from Florida and Louisiana to New Hampshire and Wisconsin, education expert Dr. Duke Pesta is now speaking out in an exclusive video for The New American about the looming nationwide school standards for history, science, and sexuality.

Under a new bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, California health insurers must cover fertility treatments for homosexual couples.

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