Last week, the Senate Education Committee of the State Senate of Tennessee passed a bill that forbids public school elementary and middle school teachers from “furnishing any materials on human sexuality other than heterosexuality.”

gavelA judge in Montana has rejected a lawsuit on behalf of homosexual couples seeking the same legal rights and protections afforded married couples, explaining that a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as only between a man and a woman prohibits such rights for same-sex partners.

Four hundred years after its introduction to the English-speaking world, the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible is still one of the most popular and trusted Scripture translations among the American people, a survey from a research group with the Southern Baptist Convention has found. The poll, conducted by LifeWay Research during the 400th anniversary year of the KJV, found that 62 percent of American adults own a copy of the classic of both Western Protestant Christianity and English literature.

Ann Coulter once wrote that the cure for Islamic terrorism was Christianity. This politically incorrect statement drew condemnation from many corners of established elitism. Forcible conversion to Christianity, of course, is not real conversion and it is certain that Ann did not sincerely intend such deeds. But there is another aspect to the modern situation of Christians (and also of Jews) that we need to grasp in order to understand the hellishness of much of the life of mankind: Christianity is under violent, bigoted attack throughout much of the world.

After a tumultuous few months for the Maraachli family of Canada, Baby Joseph has finally undergone the necessary tracheotomy that will allow him to return home and die in peace surrounded by his family. Today, Baby Joseph left Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in St. Louis and returned to his home in Ontario, Canada.

Joseph Maraachli is a 15-month old who suffers from the progressive neurological disease Leigh Syndrome. His parents faced a protracted legal battle in Ontario court after doctors in Canada refused to perform the surgery, asserting it was futile since the child’s disease was terminal.