Cecile RichardsThe pro-life group Live Action may have uncovered evidence that refutes Planned Parenthood’s claims that it provides vital health services such as breast exams and mammograms to women — claims that Planned Parenthood puts forth each time lawmakers consider pulling its federal funding.

Thanks to Illinois’ passing a same-sex marriage bill, which would afford homosexuals the same marital rights as real married couples, Catholic Charities may — out of religious principle — drop its adoption and foster care services.

During radical revolutionary Bill Ayers’ appearance at New Jersey’s Montclair State University, he was publicly called out by a young black activist. Vanessa Jean-Louis (pictured) courageously forced Ayers to explain his opposition to charter schools and effectively “schooled” him on the subject.

life students marchMedia pundits on the left never tire of associating pro-lifers with violence. Figures such as Rachel Maddow use isolated incidents such as the murder of abortionist George Tiller as a means of attempting to discredit the pro-life community as a whole.

Ken HamThe founder of the creationist group Answers in Genesis (AIG) and one of the chief architects of the planned “Ark Encounter” creationist museum in Kentucky, has been un-invited from two important home school conferences because of controversial comments he made about another conference speaker. As reported by OneNewsNow.com, the sponsor of the conferences, Great Homeschool Conventions, e-mailed noted creationist Dr. Ken Ham to inform him that he was no longer welcome at scheduled or future events because of “ungodly” and “mean-spirited” statements he had made about the convention and other speakers.