As if public school teachers do not have enough on their plate, the Department of Education is now demanding that school teachers and principals monitor Facebook behavior. According to The Daily Caller, officials at the Department of Education “are threatening school principals with lawsuits if they fail to monitor and curb students’ lunchtime chat and evening Facebook time for expressing ideas and words that are deemed by Washington special-interest groups to be harassment of some students.”

prayingA Minnesota legislator said she was uncomfortable with the invocation offered by a Baptist pastor to open up the state Senate’s legislative session March 14, and wants a stipulation that only non-sectarian prayers be offered in the future. The offending prayer was given by the Rev. Dennis Campbell of Granite City Baptist Church in St. Cloud, Minnesota, who invoked the name of Jesus Christ three times during the prayer and referred to Christianity on several occasions.

It is a signal irony that, within days of the apocalyptic earthquake and tsunami that have brought Japan to her knees, archaeologists announced the possible discovery, after millenia of speculation, of the ruins of the legendary lost civilization of Atlantis, buried deep beneath the marshes of the Coto Doñana in southwestern Spain.

“Misery loves company,” the old saying goes, and nowhere is this more evident than in the homosexual community, where an assortment of “gays,” lesbians, “transgendered” folk, and others broken and wounded in their sexuality not only languish in a tormented lifestyle they secretly despise, but mercilessly deride anyone with the courage to break the chains of bondage and step into freedom.

The U.S. Department of Education does not serve any clear purpose. The Constitution leaves education to state governments as a residual power. In our history, that did not mean states had to provide education to children at taxpayer expense, although that was the rule throughout the states, at least to a certain age.