New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a Roman Catholic, should not have presented himself for Holy Communion at his inaugural Mass, a canon lawyer and consultant to the Vatican says. And the Catholic prelate who celebrated the Mass should not have have permitted him to receive the sacrament.

Much of rural America is dying. The 2010 census data shows that one-fourth of all counties in the United States lost population.  The industrial corporations which once provided good jobs to small towns in America are going out of business or moving out of the country. The loss of opportunity means that the first to go are often the young adults, who are looking for good jobs. West Virginia has 55 counties and 40 of those counties lost population over the last decade. 

He was a prosperous abortionist and an influential force early in the movement to legalize abortion in America. But as Dr. Bernard Nathanson was brought face to face with the truth of what was happening when he helped women “terminate” their pregnancies, he had no choice but to abandon his “pro choice” platform and spend the rest of his days fighting for the unborn. On February 21, at the age of 84, Dr. Nathanson completed his life’s mission and met his creator. The cause of death was cancer, said his wife Christine.

The Anaheim Union High School District has a message for students who skip school too often: From now on, Big Brother will be watching you.

Prior to serving two non-consecutive terms as President of the United States (#22 from 1885-1889 and #24 from 1893-1897), Grover Cleveland’s reputation for “obstinate honesty” actually served him well in politics.