May 1, or May Day, has for over a century been the most important holiday of the year for communists, socialists, and anarchists.

In a half-baked effort to placate an outraged citizenry, Missouri officials claimed to be “replacing” Common Core with supposedly “new” standards allegedly developed with local input. In the real world, however, the dumbed-down, Obama-backed national “education” standards were preserved largely intact, just under a new name, following what participants called a “farce” process. The federally decreed testing regime and data-gathering schemes will continue, too. Critics and those involved in the process were outraged by the “un-American” scheming. They vowed to keep fighting, saying it was time to “clip the wings” of the state education bureaucracy.

Christian institutions of higher learning are in the crosshairs of the secular Left for following their beliefs.

Justice was being called for as thousands of Americans across the nation joined together to protest the scandalous actions of Planned Parenthood.

Rappers YG and Nipsey Hussle are riding a wave of critical acclaim for their recently released anti-Trump duet. If the song’s title — "F**k Donald Trump" — is offensive, the lyrics are incendiary. In the span of less than three and a half minutes, the song contains at least nine threats of physical violence against Trump, with two of those being unveiled death threats.


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