Parents of a five-year old “transgender” child are asking the school’s kindergarten class to take up the task of educating students on gender dysphoria, the condition of identifying as a sex that is opposite of one’s biological makeup. The request has prompted opposition from a number of parents, while several others have voiced their support.  

The University of Missouri is beginning to pay a price for its promotion of radical causes. Football recruits are going elsewhere, and student enrollment is down.

Has Hollywood become Satan's public-relations team? One could wonder given that a new Fox television series is going to portray the Devil as a crime-fighter and all-around decent guy.

A comparison of the readability of George Washington's first State of the Union address and the same effort by Barack Obama reveals the union's reduced educational standards.

Under-reported by the mainstream media are the dozens, if not hundreds, of schools offering gun training for those with concealed carry permits.

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