Ellen McCormack, a two-time presidential candidate who was drawn into the race because of her pro-life beliefs, has died at 84. McCormack's son John recalled that his mother was first prompted to enter the pro-life movement when she was pregnant with him and suffered from a serious heart ailment. “The doctors were recommending that she have an abortion and she refused, and that was her inspiration to enter that cause,” he told the New York Daily News.

On March 29 the Indiana State Senate overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage. The 40-to-10 vote came on the heels of passage of the amendment in the state House by a 70 to 26 margin. “The basic unit of our society is a family, and I think the cornerstone of a family is a marriage, a man and a woman having children,” said the bill’s sponsor, Republican State Senator Dennis Kruse.

A recent survey supposedly showing that Catholics are increasingly supportive of homosexual marriage was actually funded in part by a homosexual activist group, charged a prominent Catholic writer and cultural observer.

Thank God it's Thursday. Not just any, ordinary Thursday. This Thursday is special. This is a great day in the lives of millions of Americans, though you won't find it designated a holiday on your calendar. It is not too much of a stretch to call it a holy day for those more familiar with a scorecard than a Psalter, for whom the "bread of life," is a bun holding an overpriced hot dog. Today is Opening Day of the 2011 baseball season and many will be attending what Annie Savoy has called "the Church of Baseball."

A recent report from American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warns that teens who spend too much time texting and surfing social media websites may be placing themselves at greater risk for depression. While Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other social media sites can help young people keep in touch with friends and relatives, the report in the April issue of Pediatrics noted that too much time on such sites, along with other online activities such as texting and instant messaging, can keep young people isolated and may lead to depression.