Kevin JenningsOnce people start finding out about Kevin Jennings, President Obama's "Safe Schools" czar, he may end up going the way of Van Jones. Jones, the president's "Green Jobs" czar, resigned September 6 amidst much rejoicing on the right. Predictably, Jones and his defenders blamed his demise on "a vicious smear campaign" by racist opponents "using lies and distortions."

tiny feetAs Americans weigh the potential results of President Obama's divisive efforts to collectivize the nation’s healthcare, evidence continues to mount for the mind-numbing inhumanity that has resulted from socialized medicine in other “developed” countries. While fears of heathcare rationing and governmental ''death panels" have received a great deal of attention, the risks of socialized medicine for the youngest Americans have not received the same scrutiny.

HermannSeptember, 9 A.D., Kalkriese Hill, northern Germany: the Germanic warriors waited in grim silence. Three Roman legions, commanded by General Publius Quintilius Varus, advanced across the Rhine into Anglo-Saxon territory. The Romans hoped to expand Roman power, Roman law, and Roman culture. The Germans hoped to preserve their Teutonic laws and institutions and their way of life.

school bus rideThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution on September 8 published an opinion piece by Brian Crosby. In his article, Mr. Crosby proffers a solution to the problem of underperforming schools and schools suffering a lack of resources and funds. According to Mr. Crosby, the cure to the nationwide pandemic of withering budget cuts is “to start charging parents tuition for their children’s public school education.”

educationAt high noon today, EDT, Barack Obama issued a challenge to America’s schoolchildren. In his much anticipated back-to-school speech, he appealed to students to stay in school, work hard, set goals, and not use personal crosses as an excuse to fail.