Last week, the City Council of Chesapeake, Virginia, unanimously voted to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the motto "In God we trust" by putting up a plaque in the town’s city hall emblazoned with it.

A Pennsylvania Christian charity that feeds the homeless will no longer accept USDA food because a new regulation would force the organization to stop offering prayers before meals.

The controversial election of 1800 and Thomas Jefferson's first inaugural offer a heads-up and healing for the presidential election of 2016.

It’s ironic, when a man who rails against the homosexual agenda may represent its ultimate victory. But Milo Yiannopoulos, the bodacious, bleached-blonde, bohemian, British bad boy of Breitbart, may be just that — as he becomes more and more of a hero to conservatives.

Just one brief look at what’s happening with homeschooling is sufficient to challenge the belief that the "dumbing down" of America is complete.

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