Starbucks stands in the spotlight once again, as new seasonal cups cause debate among many. Pictures of Starbucks cups with the words "Merry Christmas" written on them and posts of personal boycotts have flooded social media. 

Freedom of speech may be protected by the First Amendment, but a recent poll of college students shows that it’s not highly valued on American campuses.

In a new propaganda talk presented in classrooms across America, Obama's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) boss Gina McCarthy urged school children to become part of the “climate solution,” take a government “pledge,” and even “bug” their families to jump on the Obama administration's deeply controversial “green” bandwagon.

With America’s westward expansion petering out, owing to a lack of available land, Easterners demanded that government open up Indian territory, leading to land rushes.

The teachers in Detroit public school system are rated "highly effective." But academically, it’s the nation’s worst-performing urban school district.

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