Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OKWU), a Christian college, is the first university to join a lawsuit against the Obama administration over its five-year-old policy mandating how schools address allegations of sexual assault. The suit contends that the standards set by the Obama administration fail to protect innocent students, violate the Administrative Procedure Act, and amount to male gender bias.

According to a study released July 14, 2016 by the University of Birmingham (U.K.), parents have become increasingly concerned with the impact of social media on children and teenagers alike. With this latest generation of youth — many of whom are connected to the digital world 24 hours a day — it’s an issue more parents are paying attention to.

When you hear about government controlling church sermons, you might assume that China or Cuba would be the scene of such tyranny. But now the United States is also, with Iowa state officials not only claiming the power to determine what is and isn’t a “religious purpose,” but also, shockingly, to control church sermons.

Scandinavians are often said to be some of the world’s happiest people because of their socialism. But culture, not government, is the strength of Scandinavian society.

A benign painting of French traders rowing merrily down a river with several Native American Indians is so "offensive" that it is being removed from its prominent place in a Wisconsin college.

What is behind this constant effort to find something "offensive?"

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