That there could be a headline reading “John McCain: Salute to a Communist” certainly is a sign of the times. It also explains why the Arizona senator is the mainstream media’s “favorite Republican.” 

One state and two cities are attempting to punish the state of North Carolina — for its law that protect the privacy of its citizens in public restrooms.

In an unprecedented move, Utah takes the fight for unborn life a step further. Governor Gary Herbert of Utah signed a bill Monday requiring anesthesia to be given to unborn babies being aborted at 20 weeks or more.

On Friday, the Chicago Teachers Union staged a one-day walkout, giving over 400,000 students a day off from school that will not be made up. Though a number of teachers were adamantly opposed to the walkout, DNAInfo reports that teachers not complying with the strike would face consequences by the union.

New York’s Cooper Union, a 157-year-old institution that is considered to be one of the most liberal colleges in the country, received wordlwide attention after its acting president, Bill Mea, sent an e-mail to the campus on March 18 announcing that the school would remove all signs identifying restrooms as being designated for a specific gender.

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