For nearly no provocation, college agitators now routinely call for resignations, apologies, and restrictions. Though abjectly foolish, such campus intolerance was just a matter of time.

Young New York City schoolchildren were forced to produce and then pledge allegiance to an “international flag,” sparking a nationwide outcry among parents and taxpayers outraged about indoctrination and globalism.

At issue is just a scientific paper about the hand. Nonetheless, its authors could now use a helping hand after receiving the back of someone else’s.

If you have children in government schools in or around the nation's capital city, beware. Top officials and education bureaucrats from Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia are looking to a mass-murdering communist dictatorship for help in reforming government schools. Seriously.

While serving as master of ceremonies at this year's Academy Awards on Sunday, Chris Rock used his opening monologue to spend ten and a half minutes denouncing Hollywood as racist. In his typically offensive style, Rock poked and prodded around the edges of the accusation for several minutes before stating, “You’re damn right Hollywood is racist.”