Using a combination of taxpayer-funded bribes and soft coercion, the Obama administration is building massive Common Core-linked databases and quietly vacuuming up gargantuan amounts of private information on American school children, a new study by education experts revealed. Through a dizzying array of federal and federally funded state programs, the political class in Washington, D.C., is working to essentially eliminate any semblance of privacy — even to the point of targeting students’ values and beliefs. The plot appears to be unprecedented in scope, seeking to collect some 400 data points on each child.

Why was the secrecy rule imposed on the delegates attending the Constitutional Convention of 1787?

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who helped dismantle the ban on homosexuals in the military, has suggested that he will work toward the same end in his new position as head of the Boy Scouts.

A Manchester, N.H., history teacher said earlier this week he helped write the Common Core standards so that minority students could have the same opportunity to learn to read as he had as a privileged "white male."

A pro-family group in England is warning the U.K. to halt its planned legalization of a fertilization procedure that would create "three parent" babies.