In an unauthorized exercise of imagination, a nine-year-old boy said he could make a schoolmate "disappear" with a magic ring. He was then suspended for making a "terroristic threat."

Hundreds of educators and officials from around the world met at UNESCO headquarters in Paris January 28-30 to push forward the UN’s Framework for Action on Education — planetary central planning for children, families, and nations.

Was Winston Churchill correct in saying "Islam in a man is like rabies in a dog"? Or is the faith, as Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and others have said, a religion of peace?







The Left has criticized blockbuster film American Sniper, with Michael Moore calling snipers themselves "cowards." But what do fellow soldiers say about their sniper brothers-in-arms? And what is cowardice, anyway?

The argument long applied to homosexuality — that it's okay if it's inborn — now may be applied to pedophilia. But does the argument really hold water?