Massachusetts socialists have not only figured out a way to punish ride-sharing newcomers, but to pass a new tax onto ride-sharing customers outside the state.

The federal civilian workforce has ballooned since 2014 and is now at the highest level of Obama's presidency. Is there a correlation between budgetary problems, employment increases, and slow GDP growth? by Walter McLaughlin

In an article published by Inter Press Service (IPS) on August 8, Joseph Chamie — who was once the director of the United Nations Population Division — noted the increasing number of nations worldwide where there is a “demographic turning point” occurring where children in a population become fewer than its elderly.

Norway, Sweden, and Denmark have supposedly created an earthly paradise by instituting big social-welfare governments with high taxes. How well does this really work?

Here is another great example of the death of common sense: raising the minimum wage to "help the poor."

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