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China Cashes In on Bankrupt Detroit

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Detroit’s filing for bankruptcy on July 18 was the culmination of decades of “Progressive” politics and brazen corruption. “Detroit is a very high-profile example of some of the challenges our cities continue to face, but it’s by no means unique,” said Kil Huh, an analyst who tracks local finances for Pew Charitable Trusts. “Detroit is indicative of governments living beyond their means — and they are going to eventually have to pay the piper.”

The time to pay the piper has indeed finally arrived for Detroit. The question is: How will the piper be paid? Some are calling for another federal bailout. But President Obama and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, sensing that the American taxpayers are in no mood for more mass payouts for deadbeats, have declared there will be no bailout for the beleaguered city. At least not a direct bailout. However, the plan seems to be for Detroit (and other cities in the same predicament) to obtain an indirect bailout by transferring their bloated and unfunded public union pension plans to ObamaCare.

This would mean, of course, that the taxpayers would be stuck for billions of dollars that the city’s Democratic politicians promised to the union activists and welfare drones, in exchange for their votes.

There is another alternative poison pill that is being promoted as a magical panacea: Let China buy Detroit — and all the other bankrupt U.S. counties and municipalities. With hoards of cash and more than a trillion dollars in U.S. Treasury securities, Communist China’s State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) can scoop up big chunks of distressed American real estate for pennies — literally; many of Detroit’s 78,000 abandoned buildings can be had for a single dollar.

The firesale has been underway for some time now, and the Beijing regime is already a major buyer. “Dozens of companies from China are putting down roots in Detroit, part of the country’s steady push into the American auto industry,” the New York Times reported on May 12. “Chinese-owned companies are investing in American businesses and new vehicle technology, selling everything from seat belts to shock absorbers in retail stores, and hiring experienced engineers and designers in an effort to soak up the talent and expertise of domestic automakers and their suppliers,” the Times article continued. “While starting with batteries and auto parts, the spread of Chinese business is expected to result eventually in the sale of Chinese cars in the United States.”

Of course, Beijing has far more than car sales in mind; far more important, in Beijing’s eyes, is the political leverage that will come from having thousands, then tens of thousands, and then millions of American workers, suppliers, and subcontractors (and voters) dependent on Red China’s SOEs for their jobs and livelihoods.

A CNN story entitled, “Can China help save Detroit jobs?” in 2011, reported:

At the Shanghai Auto Show, car exec after car exec is talking about big investment plans — finding Chinese partners, setting up factories, possibly building cars here for other parts of the world….

Pacific Century Motors is the latest Chinese company to inject money into Detroit. PCM is partly owned by the Beijing city government. For $450 million, PCM bought Nexteer, a storied unit of General Motors that makes steering equipment. Nexteer employs thousands of people in Michigan. (The sale was coordinated by Chinese auto parts maker Tempo. Tempo was also an investor in a $100 million deal to buy a brakes division of former GM parts maker Delphi.)

Chang'an Motors, Ford's Chinese partner, is opening an R&D center — and is looking to hire when it does.

Red Carpet for the Reds

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is a big booster of Beijing’s investment invasion of the United States. The governor announced in April that he is headed to China again this fall, his third trip to the “People’s Republic.” During his visit to the Communist dictatorship in September 2011, Gov. Snyder was interviewed by People’s Daily Online, and he let them know he was rolling out the red carpet for them in Michigan:

Q: How do you see the potential in building further business collaboration with China???

A: There are lots; there are lots; because of the automotive industry and the agricultural area, two areas that have really been highlighted, but almost any area, that there’s common ground to do business. It’s very exciting. There’re many market opportunities in China, the sales in China, the export and the new business here. And also, Michigan is one of the open places for business that encourage international trade, immigrants to come; an exciting place. We have been working diligently to improve Michigan’s business climate and are here to open new doors for trade and business between our state and China. We want to get the message out that Michigan is open for business too, because we’ve gone through very difficult times. We think we have great values now in Michigan and we are creating a very competitive environment for enterprises to succeed and do well. We’ve redone our tax system, our regulatory system; we’ve just balanced our budget. So we’re doing many things to be very business-friendly. Michigan is already one of the top 10 U.S. states receiving direct investment from China. There're at least 50 Chinese auto-related companies that have set up shops in the Detroit area.

Tom Watkins, a former Michigan state superintendent of schools, is another China booster and “business consultant.” In a recent newspaper column, Watkins wrote:

According to the Asia Society, the Chinese will be seeking overseas investment opportunities of $1 trillion to $2 trillion over the next decade. Detroit, Michigan and the U.S. need to be aggressive about securing a chunk of Chinese investment….

Detroit can rise like a phoenix from the ashes of its bankrupt humiliation. Just as the Chinese sought knowledge and investment from the West, Detroit may look to the East to rise again.

Detroit and Michigan leaders should tap China’s continued rise, economic clout, and excess capital — seeking a place for that country’s investment as yet another tool in its efforts to revitalize a once-great city.

Detroit is now a hollow, broken shell of the once prosperous and famous “Motor City,” world capital of the automotive industry. Since 2000, more than a quarter of the city’s population has fled the area, and the exodus continues. Huge sections of the city have become desolate no-man’s lands that look like bombed-out war zones. Many of the remaining inhabited neighborhoods are war zones, with the highest violent crime rates in the country, abandoned buildings and abandoned hopes. Unfortunately, many other cities are headed for the same sinkhole that ate Detroit. President Obama’s hometown of Chicago heads the list, according to some analysts; others include: Minneapolis; Portland, Oregon; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Trenton, New Jersey (see here,
and here).

“None of the other cities are as far along [as Detroit], but there are dozens, if not hundreds of cities that have similar issues,” says Alan Mallach, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington. “Every other industrial city has problems that could send them down the same path.”

What Mallach and many other commentators have failed to mention is that Detroit’s woes are not the result of some natural disaster, such as Hurricane Katrina; they have been visited upon Detroit as a direct result of the political decisions and policies of the past 60 years. More specifically, they are the direct result of six decades of misrule by politicians of the Democratic Party, who turned Detroit into a Democratic fiefdom and used Detroit’s public purse as their personal piggy banks.

Communists and Communist programs destroyed Detroit, now Communist China is proposed as Detroit's savior
Trevor Loudon, in his NewZeal blog for July 22, properly nailed the blame for Detroit’s demise on the radical Marxists and actual Communist Party activists that took over the city during the long, ruinous rein of Coleman Young.

“If one man could be blamed most for the destruction of Detroit, it would be Coleman Young,” Loudon writes in his article, Coleman Young: the Communist Who Destroyed Detroit. “Mayor from 1974 to 1993, Young set a city already in decline on the pathway to the disaster area it is today.”

Loudon then provides a chronicle of Young’s Communist Party activities, along with active links to articles documenting the communist activities of many of the other radicals who helped Young transform Detroit into the dysfunctional and corrupt “people’s republic” it is today.

It is a story that is much the same for most of the other urban centers now facing the same grim reckoning: the progressives/communists/socialists/liberals destroy the once-prosperous and pleasant communities, and then propose that we embrace Communist China as our savior.

We wrote about this in “China: The New Investment Savior?” (May 12, 2011), particularly focusing on the National Governors Association’s wooing of Red China’s state-owned corporations. As we noted then, the PRC would love to “invest” here massively, and, if allowed to do so, would create colossal centrally-planned SEZs (Special Enterprise Zones), as they have done in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou, Xiamen, and other Chinese cities. In a very short time they pack millions of people into these new urban anthills.

As we have reported, China’s Communist Party has launched a huge program to transplant between 250 million and 400 million Chinese from rural areas to newly created “cities” over the next 12 years. Much of this will involve forced relocation of rural populations who wish to stay on their local farmland. Do Americans really want Communist Party central planners who cavalierly order hundreds of millions of people around at whim to be our new landlords and employers? Apparently, many mayors, governors, county commissioners, and congressmen do. As does President Obama, who is now negotiating a bilateral investment treaty with Beijing.

It would be a very good idea for Americans to rethink this proposed trend and let their elected officials know there are other options besides federal bailouts and Red China fire sales. U.S. companies and individual private investors are holding trillions of dollars in cash that they would gladly invest in places such as Detroit — if the radical politicians and their punitive Marxist taxes, regulations, and policies were removed, so that free enterprise could have a chance to operate and flourish.

Photo of Detroit skyline: AP Images

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  • Comment Link rprew Saturday, 03 August 2013 15:48 posted by rprew

    Bob -

    My post was sarcasm. Of course the Chinese are indeed shrewd. Too bad they are not as shrewd as they think they are. They are being played by the same moneyed interests that play people in "power" all over the globe. China is a tool to bring America into compliance with the NWO, and when the Conspiracy has attained their final goals China will be discarded into the same garbage heap as every other nation. Right now, China is useful. Muslims are useful. The MSM is useful. They will all work themselves out of usefulness.

    We all know the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom (to name only two) are merely puppets of the Conspiracy. Don't believe for a second the government of China rates any higher.

  • Comment Link BOB WILLS Friday, 02 August 2013 02:45 posted by BOB WILLS

    @ rprew......Ever done business w/ Chinese people? You'll very seldom see this ethnic group come up with the short end of the stick. And if they do?, hang on for the ride w/ them, they'll be on top next go-round. My wife is a Chinese business woman and I've come up short several times dealing w/ her. "Don't worry Boba,...I pay you back."( then she laughs about it!) like it's nothing,... but it was my money!.) They are adamant about making money. She has Chinese business people call her all the time wanting to know who she knows that can make them some money w/ investments here in the states. basically there's about 5 different Clans in China that you can associate all people descending from in China. If they want to buy a Hotel here in America?...she will fix them up w/ one and SHE"S GONNA GET HER CUT for the lead, You can bet on it. Chinese people KNOW what they are doing when they say they will buy Detriot. They have gobbs of money....and they will. Another reason we
    better put a hold on the Immigration Bill now. We will see millions of Chinese coming here. Rich ones, not takers and moochers. Cheers to you!....Bob

  • Comment Link Heidi Preston Thursday, 01 August 2013 19:21 posted by Heidi Preston

    The money (big banks) are behind China and have been for awhile. Henry Kissinger was on the China Development Bank 1999 ("With the approval of the State Council, CDB established International Advisory Council in March 1999, currently consisting of 14 distinguished members of the international political, economic and academic communities. This council includes many well recognized names, such as Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, former State Secretary of the United States, Mr. Ramond Barre, former Premier and the Mayor of Paris, and Mr. Paul Volcker, former Chairman of U.S. Federal Reserve. The council’s objective is to provide valuable insights to strengthen the Bank’s management, as well as broaden communication between CDB and the international financial community.

    It convenes in the fall of every year to meet with executive management of CDB to discuss a variety of economic, financial, and strategic issues. "). This INTERNATIONAL financial movement has been in the making a long,long time and mostly very, very quietly because it's private banking with public funds such as IMF,BIS, and World bank. It was no "accident " that all the manufacturing moved to China at the SAME time. In Germany they (CHINA) literally move a whole manufacturing plant piece by piece to china and rebuilt it there. ...NO ONE said a word, the media turned a blind eye focusing on trivial mundane things like what actresses were wearing, who's screwing whom ect.and of course the Royal family. All the while the movement of communism take over of America by so called Americans was moving the bricks to build their socialist/communist empire right in front of our noses. The arms/ tentacles of the INTERNATIONAL bankers wove the threads that would eventually close the boarders of countries by incorporating them into the global economy. It's been a plan the whole time. Our State Treasurers part of this whole banking system ensured that it came to being and that's the worst part of it all because that means they were a huge part of the problem instead of the solution and they are still in power because of the Federal Reserve which is a PRIVATE banking system with PUBLIC funds. WE THE PEOPLE left when we gained the Federal Reserve through some of the same people's ancestors who brought to us in the first place. It's not going to change or be FOR the people of America ever.

  • Comment Link matthew schoech Wednesday, 31 July 2013 19:41 posted by matthew schoech

    And least we forget the colossal impact of moving all those job producing factories south of the border. Chevrolet Livonia, for one, is now an empty 110 acre field. Thanks to GATT, NAFTA, and the WTO. We not only gave up our industrial strength and well paying jobs but we also gave away part of our constitution to an international agency not answerable to the American people. Between insanity and conspiracy it looks like we would have been better off with the former, at least we could have had them committed to an asylum.

  • Comment Link rprew Wednesday, 31 July 2013 17:07 posted by rprew

    Make this work to our advantage. Let China use up all of its cash and buy everything they can in the United States. Once they own as much as they can afford, we do what every other socialist country has done to the United States... seize and nationalize all foreign assets. Then we pay down the national debt by selling all the nationalized assets back to the American people at fire-sale prices, at the same time getting rid of the bureaucracies and regulations that caused the initial debt and sale to foreigners in the first place.

    With the debt significantly lowered, bureaucracy and regulation minimized, government spending will plummet. Taxes will fall, and without excessive regulation, business will boom, the need for imports will drop and exports will rise, unemployment will diminish, and we can sit back and watch our enemies economies shrivel.

    Well, that COULD work, but with an uninformed dependent electorate voting for the same old Demoplican candidates of the Establishments "two party system", it is nothing more than a pipe dream

  • Comment Link REMant Wednesday, 31 July 2013 15:14 posted by REMant

    Sorry bill I can't read this, but I will tell you that Detroit was "lost" because they priced themselves out of the market, not because of anything China or Japan did, and they did so with the encouragement and complicity of our own central bankers. What else do you expect China to do with the money they've made off us? Have you ever read Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations? But not to worry, if we are lucky, we'll bankrupt them like we did Japan.

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