Despite a moribund economy, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has more than doubled in value over the past seven years, recently surpassing 18,000. Is the run-up in stock prices sustainable, or is another bubble forming — one which could burst at any moment?

New Balance shoe company's decision to publicly oppose the TPP is good news for Americans who value our national sovereignty.

The IMF stated this week that world central banks should move to negative interest rates because the extra monetary stimulus would ease lending conditions. Or so they claim.

This year’s Tax Freedom Day — the day on which the American people have earned enough money to pay all of their taxes due for the year — falls on April 24. 

Globalist voices pushing a global taxation regime and an end to financial privacy worldwide reacted with glee at the “Panama Papers” leak, in which millions of documents relating to private international capital flows were handed to select establishment media outlets by a George Soros-funded organization.

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