Hard-money investment manager Marc Faber predicts that markets could decline by 20 percent, perhaps more, as the economy faces the continued recession and worries about the "fiscal cliff."

The goal of the secretive negotiations working out the TPP is the creation of a Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific (FTAAP) and economic integration of the member nations.

Small business owners, some of whom have spent their lifetimes building their businesses, are unloading them before the end of the year in order to save taxes.

The current capital gains tax rate is 15 percent, but in January it is scheduled to increase to 20 percent, plus the ObamaCare tax of 3.8 percent added on top brings it to 23.8 percent, a jump of 58 percent. Even if a lame-duck Congress extends the present rate of 15 percent, there is no conversation in Washington about repealing the ObamaCare tax, so at best capital gains taxes will increase by 25 percent after the first of the year.

After learning that the White House had failed to enforce the law in order to protect President Obama’s reelection chances from potential negative feedback, Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) wrote a letter dated October 25 asking the president to comply with the legal requirement that agencies publish their regulatory agendas on a semiannual basis.

The preliminary report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis on Friday about the nation's economic activity during the last quarter was called "a nasty surprise" by an analyst at the American Enterprise Institute.