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Ron PaulA year ago, Congressman Ron Paul was just beginning to turn heads on the national electoral stage, owing to his presidential campaign's unexpected success at raising money. Congressman Paul was briefly applauded by media elites — until the full meaning of his message began to sink in. For Congressman Paul, as almost everybody knows by now, is an uncompromising foe of Big Government, and the greatest champion of the Constitution in Washington for at least a generation.

wamu hqThe Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. seized Washington Mutual Inc. (also known as WaMu bank) on September 25, and then brokered an emergency sale of the firm’s banking assets to JPMorgan Chase & Co. for $1.9 billion. As a thrift bank, WaMu’s business was focused mainly on taking deposits and originating home mortgages.

Home Sale SignsThe government bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will continue the downward spiral of the dollar, begetting a new downward cycle for the economy.

AIGAmerica's headlong rush into full-blown socialism accelerated Tuesday with the Federal Reserve's takeover of American International Group, Inc. (AIG), one of the world's largest insurance companies.

Ben BernankeAs the deepening financial crisis worsened yesterday, the Federal Reserve sought socialism as a cure and gobbled up another formerly private entity, the huge American International Group (AIG) insurance company, in an $85 billion bailout. The move was undertaken to prevent the bankruptcy of the nation's largest insurance company in what would have been, according to, "the worst financial collapse in history."

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