The economic growth rate during each of the last eight presidential administrations (beginning with Eisenhower's) was lowest during Obama’s term in office, January 2009 through October 2015, an era of multiple tax hikes and pervasive regulatory expansion.

VIDEO - In this video, The New American magazine's Alex Newman explains what a yuuuge (or huge) service GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump performed by exposing the Federal Reserve and its manipulation of the economy. From touting gold and sound money, to highlighting the damage done by artificially low interest rates and Fed stock-market intervention, Trump has hit on some of the key reasons why this shadowy institution is so dangerous and harmful to America.

The Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) announcement to be made next week has stirred offerings of how to "fix" Social Security.

Heading into the Christmas shopping season, manufacturing and transportation numbers should be much better than they are. 

The elites at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), meeting this week in Washington, D.C., are clearly worried about the increasing opposition to globalization. Their concern should give the rest of us hope for keeping our national sovereignty.

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