In its latest report, the World Gold Council listed the central bank of the United States as the owner of the world's largest supply of gold. Serious questions remain as to the amount and location of the alleged cache.

A proposed Labor Department rule regarding investment advisers could have a chilling effect on the speech of popular advisers such as Dave Ramsey.

According to a recent Moody’s Investors Service tally, the number of least-creditworthy companies rose by 10 this month to a recent high of 274. In 2009, the number of companies on financially shaky ground hit a record high at an astounding 291 companies. In light of the recent Moody’s rankings, many are looking with a wary eye at the already shaky economy.



Despite declining unemployment rates, food stamp use is going up. Why is this happening?

Venezuela's socialist government is enraged at an American website that since 2010 has been publishing unflattering information on Venezuela's rampant inflation and currency black market.



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