New Balance shoe company's decision to publicly oppose the TPP is good news for Americans who value our national sovereignty.

While the media-manufactured “scandal” of “rich people” allegedly hiding money from politicians in offshore accounts continues to be exposed as largely bogus, there have been some interesting revelations of alleged corruption among politicians and dictators to emerge from the so-called Panama Papers. The ruthless Communist Chinese dictatorship, which is censoring all news about the leak in domestic outlets, appears to be the regime with the most top level officials implicated.

Hundreds of other tyrants, politicians, bureaucrats, judges, crony bankers, officials, and their family members have also been ensnared, according to news reports about the leaked documents. Despite the lack of media attention, even the Hillary Clinton campaign, via senior Democrat operatives John and Tony Podesta and the Kremlin bank their firm represents, has been indirectly caught up in the maelstrom.

The IMF stated this week that world central banks should move to negative interest rates because the extra monetary stimulus would ease lending conditions. Or so they claim.

Ten or the largest banks have $147 billion in revolving credit lines to the oil industry that are likely to expand their exposure to the energy industry just when they'd rather reduce it.

There is a positive in all of the underfinanced public retirement plans: Massive implosions of pension plans will force beneficiaries to become more self-reliant and less dependent upon governments' and politicians' promises.

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