book reviewFewer and fewer Americans would accept the clichés “Big business always resists government intrusion” and “Democrats are for the working class, while Republicans support the rich.” In the day of the Internet, it is often all too easy to figure out the less-than-altruistic motives of our elected officials and which costly, ineffective, and unconstitutional programs politicians support merely to “buy” votes for reelection. But most Americans (including your reviewer before reading Obamanomics) have no idea how totally corrupt our federal government has become.

John Yoo's Crisis and Command is a turgid, 524-page love letter to an all-powerful Presidency generally and to dictatorship specifically. His theme? More Caesar, less Senate.

Al Gore at book signingAl Gore's new book, Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis, is an exercise in emotionally charged propaganda calling for mankind to give up its standard of living and accept large increases in government power for the sake of the environment. Gore draws the conclusion, "The only meaningful and effective solutions to the climate crisis involve massive changes in human behavior." Characteristically missing from his argument is evidence that humans are a significant cause of global warming. Forgoing logical appeal, he instead targets readers' emotions, detailing supposed results of warming that threaten Earth's very existence.

“I love to write, but not about myself,” wrote Sarah Palin on page 409 of a book that is almost entirely about herself. Going Rogue is subtitled “An American Life,” but Sarah Palin is hardly the typical American “hockey mom.”

The closure of St. Rose of Lima in Buffalo, New York, ignited a fury in libertarian activist, attorney, and contributor James Ostrowski. Ostrowski was furious that his children, who were happily enrolled in the private school, now had to start all over.